Feedback of the game and a few random ideas

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First off, I love this game! For an early beta game it's really fun. I especially love the art style, and I like that even at this early stage it has enough goals (researching all the things and unlocking all the characters) to keep it least for a little while. I can't wait to see what more you have planned for this and how the storyline plays out (that is assuming you do plan on putting more of a story to this than "try not to die").So, on to a few suggestions (I'll try to keep this organized...I'll probably fail) And I must note that I haven't done an extensive search of the questions/feedback forum so I'm sorry if some of these are repeat suggestions.First off, it really bugs me that there seems to be absolutely no way to get rid of tree stumps. I planted a buncha trees near my camp 'cause that way i figured instead of sitting by my fire through the night all useless and what not, i could chop down my personal grove when it was tall enough. But then i had these hideous stumps sitting there for eternity, not only cluttering and de-beautifying my camp, but also making me not able to plant more trees there.Secondly, I'd love it if there were caves or other sorts of dungeons in the game. Now, I know what you're thinking "But Foxborn, caves are dark! Your character dies fairly quickly in the dark and if you were gonna be carrying a torch there's no way you can fight big scary monsters in caves without having your torch go out too quickly." But that, my people, is why this suggestion contains within it a nested co-suggestion. Mining helmets! Charcoal is in the game (and as far as i know not used in any current crafting recipes) and we also have a lot of gold with nothing useful to do with it other than chunking it into our science machines. What if you took say 20 gold (for the metal hatty part) and 5ish charcoal and made a stylish mining helmet! It looks awesome AND provides light, but it has a charge to it. When it reaches 0 either it breaks and you've gotta make another ( much gold) OR, the preferred option, you gotta charge it again with 5 charcoal. That way you can go into the dank nasty caves and see your way to go fight....oh...i dunno...the spider queen i've seen some people requesting. or maybe some other sort of nasty ne'er-do-well.Next suggestion! I'm not 100% sure, but to me it seems like there's no way to attack the tentacles. Maybe i just haven't done it right and someone may correct me on this, but if there isn't a way to attack them now, there should be at some point. Or, even better, another "boss" type monster. You could put an octopus head hidden somewhere in the marsh and when you take it out a few of the tentacles go with it.4th suggestion...bows! I would love to have a bow and arrow so much. After researching it you could use 5 twigs and 3 rope to build a bow and 3 twigs and a flint (or something like that) to make 3 arrows. It'd be a little pricey to make since you're throwing away a twig and 1/3 of a piece of flint with every shot, but sometimes you just need a little range, and the high cost should keep people from cheaping out on the spider nests and pewpewing them to death from a range.Um...that's all i can think of now that i haven't seen already mentioned somewhere else, but i guess i'll reiterate some of the points i agree with. Shovels need more uses! Like, you can use them on any ground and based on what type of ground it is you have a chance of finding seeds, carrots, gold, or maybe even flint! But it's a random chance and it still uses shovel health.It'd be nice to be able to pick up or recycle certain structures. Ok, I know we're not gonna be getting farm plots or fire pits back. But really, tents should be mobile, and you could probably salvage at least SOMETHING from breaking down a science machine.Um...that's all I can really think of at the moment. But like I said, great game! Absolutely love it! And even if you don't use any of my suggestions, I can't wait to see what you add in the future.

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