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  1. Ok, I tested the bee thing, but I also went back to the spider nest on the edge to test it more thoroughly. I swear that first night i found it that one spider walked back and forth across the edge freely, but I couldn't replicate the results. When I went back if they spawned over the edge, they were stuck there. The same is true of the bees, if they spawn outside the world they can't reenter.Maybe that first spider I saw was a bit of a "corner case" or something. Like, maybe he didn't spawn fully outside the world, but right on the edge between the two. Not sure if that's even possible since the creatures should have an orientation or center point or something and the game probably decides where they are based on that.
  2. I can't remember how i first learned that attacking nests at night doesn't aggro spiders who aren't home...but once I learned that, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to collect that many eggs (they're rather good for research too). Unfortunately, if you're attacking a den when it "upgrades" (which happens in the middle of the night usually) it leads to some serious complications...since it gets a fresh supply of spiders along with the upgrade.
  3. Interesting...I have an extra bit of honeycomb, later today I'll try building a hive/beebox/whatever on the very edge and see what happens.
  4. So, occasionally when exploring my island i come across an area that has 8-10 spider nests in a very small space.In my experience they seem to happen most often in rocky areas.My question is what do most of you do upon finding such a wonderfully frightening area. Do you run away never to return? Do you set the place ablaze and take delight as the purging fires level everything in the area?Personally, I build a nice contained bonfire and spend the evening dodging spiders as they set out to patrol the area (gets extremely laggy with that many spiders wandering around though...) and usually by the time it hits true dark enough of them have wandered away that at least one of the nests won't have any spiders near it, I then proceed to hack that nest apart with my trusty axe. The beautiful thing is, since the spiders aren't home, they have no idea their house is under attack. So unless they happen to get close to you, they won't be agro'd. I usually take down 3-4 nests a night (depending on how far the spiders spread) while going through 2 axes. The only downside to this is that I then have 10(ish) spiders per nest i've destroyed (so 80-100 spiders) just wandering aimlessly around my world...and it's so hard to track them all down.
  5. Yea, i figured he spawned out there, but as i watched him he wandered back and forth over the shoreline several times.
  6. Warren!With a strange affinity for bunnies <.<
  7. I'm from A very very strange place that exists only in my mind. But physically I exist in Alabama... So yea, like a lotta other people have said, I learned of this game from Total Biscuit. Once I saw the art style I had instant interest in this game, and then the price kinda drove the point home and I had to have it. I am very glad I bought it ^^
  8. So, found this pretty interesting but figured it shouldn't work this way. There was a spider nest right on the very edge of the world, and i built my campfire somewhat near it 'cause i planned on slicing it up when night fell (so much easier when the spiders are out on patrol so they don't come boiling out to slaughter you) but as i sat near my campfire i noticed a spider wandering around on the waves. And then it wandered off of the waves onto solid land again. After chillin' there for a while it wandered back out to sea, so spawning outside of the world apparently makes it so spiders can completely ignore the world borders. Or something. Attaching a screenshot of the aquatic spider. Didn't get one of its nest, but it was just a 3-tier spider nest along the very bottom edge of this island.
  9. Excess made a post about "more feasible suggestions", and while I think players should still be able (and encouraged) to make longer-term suggestions for how they would like to see the game turn out (the devs can always just ignore any suggestions they dislike after all) He did have a point in saying that more minor tweak and bug fixy suggestions would probably be more useful to the team at this point. So here's a few toned down suggestions i've noticed from playing the game.1. making stumps removable with shovel. Doesn't really involve new animations or too much extra coding, the stumps are obviously entities in the game, just add an interaction with the shovel to them so we can get rid of them.2. it would be nice if there was a "hard mode" or something like that where any research you've done or research points you've saved up don't count. I love that they currently carry over from one attempt to the next, but sometimes i do kinda wish i could start a new world and see how far into research i can get without any previous research without completely erasing my save data.3. the traps could be made a little better. once you figure out you can slice and dice the cute little bunnies with a little patience/planning then the waste of that much grass and valuable branches makes it so you'll never build a trap again. If, maybe, traps could be reused (when you pick it up you get the trap back plus whatever food happened to be inside) then it'd make them a bit more useful. Maybe give them a damage rating like the tools where each use takes like 10%.4. until you find a better way of making flint and stone more renewable you could add it as a random drop from graves5. other players may hate me for suggesting this, since rather than use chests they just throw their collections on the ground, but i think it would add an extra bit of difficulty (and maybe help keep our worlds a little cleaner) if the ravens occasionally picked up items that've been laying on the ground too long. ravens do like shiny objects, after all.
  10. First off, I love this game! For an early beta game it's really fun. I especially love the art style, and I like that even at this early stage it has enough goals (researching all the things and unlocking all the characters) to keep it least for a little while. I can't wait to see what more you have planned for this and how the storyline plays out (that is assuming you do plan on putting more of a story to this than "try not to die").So, on to a few suggestions (I'll try to keep this organized...I'll probably fail) And I must note that I haven't done an extensive search of the questions/feedback forum so I'm sorry if some of these are repeat suggestions.First off, it really bugs me that there seems to be absolutely no way to get rid of tree stumps. I planted a buncha trees near my camp 'cause that way i figured instead of sitting by my fire through the night all useless and what not, i could chop down my personal grove when it was tall enough. But then i had these hideous stumps sitting there for eternity, not only cluttering and de-beautifying my camp, but also making me not able to plant more trees there.Secondly, I'd love it if there were caves or other sorts of dungeons in the game. Now, I know what you're thinking "But Foxborn, caves are dark! Your character dies fairly quickly in the dark and if you were gonna be carrying a torch there's no way you can fight big scary monsters in caves without having your torch go out too quickly." But that, my people, is why this suggestion contains within it a nested co-suggestion. Mining helmets! Charcoal is in the game (and as far as i know not used in any current crafting recipes) and we also have a lot of gold with nothing useful to do with it other than chunking it into our science machines. What if you took say 20 gold (for the metal hatty part) and 5ish charcoal and made a stylish mining helmet! It looks awesome AND provides light, but it has a charge to it. When it reaches 0 either it breaks and you've gotta make another ( much gold) OR, the preferred option, you gotta charge it again with 5 charcoal. That way you can go into the dank nasty caves and see your way to go fight....oh...i dunno...the spider queen i've seen some people requesting. or maybe some other sort of nasty ne'er-do-well.Next suggestion! I'm not 100% sure, but to me it seems like there's no way to attack the tentacles. Maybe i just haven't done it right and someone may correct me on this, but if there isn't a way to attack them now, there should be at some point. Or, even better, another "boss" type monster. You could put an octopus head hidden somewhere in the marsh and when you take it out a few of the tentacles go with it.4th suggestion...bows! I would love to have a bow and arrow so much. After researching it you could use 5 twigs and 3 rope to build a bow and 3 twigs and a flint (or something like that) to make 3 arrows. It'd be a little pricey to make since you're throwing away a twig and 1/3 of a piece of flint with every shot, but sometimes you just need a little range, and the high cost should keep people from cheaping out on the spider nests and pewpewing them to death from a range.Um...that's all i can think of now that i haven't seen already mentioned somewhere else, but i guess i'll reiterate some of the points i agree with. Shovels need more uses! Like, you can use them on any ground and based on what type of ground it is you have a chance of finding seeds, carrots, gold, or maybe even flint! But it's a random chance and it still uses shovel health.It'd be nice to be able to pick up or recycle certain structures. Ok, I know we're not gonna be getting farm plots or fire pits back. But really, tents should be mobile, and you could probably salvage at least SOMETHING from breaking down a science machine.Um...that's all I can really think of at the moment. But like I said, great game! Absolutely love it! And even if you don't use any of my suggestions, I can't wait to see what you add in the future.