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For some reason, my post was removed :/ maybe it crashed.

Remember the harsh times you wasted on collecting webs for a tier one clothing that does nothing for the game play? No more I say!

My suggestion for the new breezy vest is the same as water cooling vest in real life, where a layer of cold ice/water is sandwiched between the layers of the vest. This will grant some cooling for the avatar in summer and give some functions to the useless breezy vest that we made out of amusement.My suggestion for duo information: percentage on the icon reveals durability and freshness(using blue and red instead of traditional coloring) represents coolness. Ice can be added to increase duration of coolness.

In conclusion, by upgrading the "breezy" vest into a summer garment, it will bring life back to a traditionally avoided item back to gameplay .




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I actually do usually make a breezy vest for my first winter if I have plenty of webbing.  Gets replaced after my first winter koalefant kill though.  


But this is a really great idea actually!  Summer currently suffers from having no body wearable cooling clothing, (cooling amulet being to short lived to count).   I wonder though if it's even possible code-wise to have both percentage and spoilage on same item? 


I do feel like the breezy vest should still delay warmth in winter so long as it is dry (has no 'freshness' left).  But this would require a new spoilage meter, one that doesn't delete the item once the meter runs out...

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