Completely New and Original Ideas (repost)

Would you recommend these ideas in the game?  

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  1. 1. Would you recommend these ideas in the game?

    • Defiantly these are great ideas!
    • Yes but with a bit of tweaking.
    • Maybe but it needs a LOT of improvement.
    • No I don't like these ideas.
    • Just ban this guy hes completly insane.

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This will be CONSTANTLY updated!

This thread is dedicated for new original ideas for Don't Starve.

These are my Ideas:

  • A Cave system where you find a Cave and it Teleports you to an underground area full of new minerals and creeps. Here is a suggestion by Mobius187 'First off, the entrance to the underground caverns would be via a crevasse in the ground. The player would only be able to Examine the hole initially until they craft a grappling hook (rope + gold ore). By clicking on the crevasse with the grappling hook the player is transitioned (i.e. "teleported", as you suggested too) to the cavern below. From here the player will still be illuminated by a shaft of light from above (so long as it's not night) and to progress further they would need a light source. It goes without saying that the caverns are pitch black.
    A list of suggestions for the caverns include: mushrooms (random effects, food/heal/poison/hallucinatory, decided when game map is first generated to prevent knowing each muchroom in advance), blind albino cave fish in pools, gemstones (i.e. ruby), boulders, crystals (i.e. quartz), new ores (i.e. iron), coal, and new monsters (i.e. massive worm creatures).
    I also suggested that caverns could lead to other crevasses that would let a player climb up onto a new island. This idea would be especially useful if the Devs ever eliminate the stone bridges connecting the islands and/or require us to use boats to travel from island to island normally.
    In connection to some of these new resources, it was suggested that by using coal and iron ore a player could craft steel ingots or, by using a stone crucible, pour molten steel into a shape and craft a new item (i.e. a sword).' Quoted from Mobius187
  • Pan's Whistle- A better version of Pan's Pipes that makes all Creeps on the screen follow and attack stuff for you (like pigs) for 30 sc- 60 sc
  • Fur Hat- A hat made of warm beard hair.
  • Chicken, Sheep, Cow, Houses- Less awesome than pigs. Just animals.
  • A Special Golden creep for every creep in the game- Drops rare End-Game materials and has a 1% chance of spawning.
  • Uncraftable Items- You would get them via. Monster Drops. (like Ares's Javelin, You would get it from a Stone Guardian (yet another idea))
  • A 6th Customizable Character- When you unlock him/her you can customize him. You can spend large amounts of research points to give special abilities such as make flames in dark, grow beard, have increased health/hunger, and ghosts. You would add these abilities before you enter the game.
  • Unlockable abilities- After unlocking all the chars. you start unlocking new ABILITIES for them. (i.e. Wolfgang can punch down trees, Willow sets her enemies on fire for a short period of time, and Wendy would be more creepier.)
  • Fruit Trees- Allows for more food and crock pot recipes. Can be chopped down and player would be given 2 wood and a (insert fruit here) tree sapling. This will grow at triple the regular tree growing rate and would produce fruit at double the tree growing rate.
  • Raft- I think if you ever got bored you should be able to start fresh so you should be able to make a raft. It would require 300 research points and can store 1 chest when you get on it you have the choice to basically restart your world with those items in the raft and in your inventory. The raft would be wrecked when you spawn in the new world.
  • Blue Gem- Used to upgrade the Amulet to the Blue Gemed Amulet. The amulet revives you once then is destroyed (like the regular amulet) and ALSO boosts your max. Health by 50.
  • Green, Purple, Orange, White, Black, and Brown Gems.Each would boost the amulet in its own way like the blue gem. (i.e. Brown makes crops grow faster, Green makes creeps ignore you unless you agro them, white provides constant light, black lets you see better at night, orange increases your max hunger, and purple makes your attacks poisones.) Also ading a second red gem makes your attacks flaming.
  • Alot more weapons- Swords, Spears, Spells (i.e. Fire bolt, Bee Swarm, Stomp of a thousand tallbirds, etc.), Slingshot, Greek Fire, Boomerang, Scythes, and Crossbows.
  • Forge and Arcane Enchanter- Used to research all those weapons/spells.
  • Random effects from eating flowers- Poison, Extra Health, Sleepiness, etc.

Those are my Ideas :)

What's your's?

Red = Overpowered/Not so good ideas.

I'll be adding more of my ideas later on but i still want YOUR ideas.

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