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Birds , thieves of objects !

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Hello !


I specify that I am a French player and my level of English is not excellent ^^ (Thank you  translator <3)


I noticed in numerous videos that the players put their objects on the ground, even if it has the advantages I find that it returns less useful chests.

When I saw a bird landing, I said myself " and if birds could steal objects on the ground? " As magpie who steal the glittering objects.


For example it could be specific in ravens (crows) ? Birds could not take the wet objects ?

I know that Krampus can steal objects but he appears with specifics conditions but it would add a peculiarity to birds and would incite the player to be careful, what is the objective of Don't Starve   :wilson_vforvictory:


Thank you for your reading!


By Berberdusud

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I think that was part of the idea behind wet tools/wood and moles taking gold/stone/flint.That and summer heat can make many things catch fire, so just having to target the chest is efficient and more guaranteed. Also don't forget Krampus for when you are being naughty 

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This is a fun idea.  Have you played the DLC yet?  I realized that I cannot leave rocks and minerals around on the ground anymore because moleworms would take them, and that has made me have to rethink how I keep my things.  I think that the moleworms were a good idea because we can see where they are going and can kill them if they are too annoying.  Unfortunately, with birds, they appear so randomly and we cannot do anything to them until we have more tools (a bird trap or a boomerang, for example), so that could make things quite hard! 

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