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Add more Boons and Natural Disasters?

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I think Klei forgot to make more Boons for DLC, so how about adding some new Boons:


- A corpse near Pond with an Umbrella and Rain hat near it, on pick up, Starts Frog rain 

- Small Camp with Endothermic fire pit and a Chest, if you open the chest, Summer starts (similar to Opening Chest near Ice box and Winterometer)



And how about some Natural disasters? Like Flood for example


Spring:It's been raining for 2 days without stop, world gets flooded, resulting in Slower movement, No bees (flowers underwater), No Moles/Rabbits, More frogs, Fire lasts shorter, When sleeping in a sleeping bag/tent, you get more wet and other possible things


Summer: We can consider Heatwaves that set up on fire objects a Natural disaster already


Autumn: (happens on the last 5-8 days of Autumn) Massive migration, some birds become more aggressive, they steal your dropped food, if not picked up for too long, similar to Pengulls, Gobblers are more active and come out from Bushes by themselves and steal all your Berries...Basically it's Half of a Natural disaster, it can be good and can be bad, it's basically X2 more animals/mobs but they are way more aggressive, especially Tallbirds, they are Multiplied and way more aggressive than before, before it took you to get very close to them so they start attacking, now Mid range is enough for them to become agro, you get the idea i hope


Winter: Another one could be Blizzard for Winter, it's going to be similar to Summer's Overheating, you know, when items get set on fire? but during Blizzard, items are Frozen, things like Chests, Ice boxes, Bushes, Resources (Including food like Berries, can't be picked up, because frozen) and also it takes x2 more effort to do anything, like it takes x2 more Axe swings to chop down a tree. To unfreeze, you need maybe a Torch in your hands, so you can open/use things temporarily again





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