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  1. oh and 8) How about if you put Heat stone near Endothermic fire, it Freezes, which allows you to use it to slow down Heating?
  2. 1) Make it possible to swim in Ponds to decrease your temperature, but downside of that would be getting 100% wet and drastically decreased Sanity, and also add Pond hallucinations, if character's temperature is big 2) Make a new Magic staff that on Use summons rain/snow(Winter only), can be used twice 3) Ice box should produce Ice, slowly, like 1 piece of Ice a day? or more, not for me to decide 4) Can sleep only once, if you combine Siesta with a Tent/Fur roll/Other stuff that makes you sleep, you can skip days quite fast, as long as you have enough food, so make it possible to sleep only once a day? either you sleep to skip Day or you sleep to skip Afternoon/Night 5) Use Gold on Endothermic fire to convert it into Ice? 6) Use Raw food on Endothermic fire to preserve Food a bit longer 7) Make Endothermic torches, they don't decrease your Temperature, but slow it down from rising instead
  3. 1) Have an Option to turn On and Off a map, would make a game much harder without a map 2) A bird in a cage dies when a season changes, so for example i have a Summer bird in my bird cage, but as soon as winter comes, bird dies 3) Make it so that rain Stops open fire, because it's quite annoying when a Lightning strucks a tree in a forest and everything just burns out, either make rain to stop open fire, or just reduce a range of a fire spread 4) Have a small chance of lightning striking a character if he's staying at open area, like Savanna 5) Option to sleep in Pig's house in exchange for some Meat or Gold or something 6) Maybe make Diseases/Sickness? Would make Winter and Mosquitos more dangerous 7) Add heat waves and other Natural disasters