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A Night to probably not remember. A couple nights..

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Have you ever felt that moment on these forums where you just wanna make a thread? Except you don't know which topic to discuss or what to say?


Well, that's how this here thread was born! :grin:


So after a long time of not playing Don't Starve. (and even video games in general...) I've decided to come back to it today! It was interesting to say the least!

Now after JUST coming back from playing, and not having a very good way to describe all of this. Just bear with me here!




So I pop open the game and the first thing I see is a news thing about Don't Starve collectables, I found myself jumping right into the vanilla Don't Starve with Wilson. I was nice and relieved to finally see the opening cutscene again.


WAIT WAIT WAIT! Cut cut cut!

You guys don't want to see this do you? You want me to skip to all the awesome parts? Well, you probably don't, but given how cautious my mind is. It assumes that you don't want to see every single detail on how this story of how I have not played the game in such a long time, begins, right? And I just realized that you probably exited this thread already and went to find another thread on "How do I food? Or How do I bee?" or something! *cough*

Well That's all right too! :grin:


(Given that very large box of mangled words I just said, I probably need a lot more time to get used to this...)


Anyways, the story: I was starting out what seemed to be a normal playthrough, I thought, I was collecting grass, twigs, food, and all the essentials... dusk time came, and I started to feel a bit weirded out on If I was missing something or not, but here It was clear as day: Grass, twigs, carrots, flowers, berri-OH GOD I FORGOT THE FLINT!!!! OH NO WHERES THE LOGS OH NO GONNA DIE!

And of course my starting area didn't seem to have any flint around, at least not for a lengthy walk. Oh hey there Charlie! Long time no digestive see! AHHHALAHAG


Ok go number 2!


I started again with a reasonable amount of flint this time! Well... At least enough to make one axe... Dusk came again with much better results, I started a fire, but not just any fire!

A forest fire!

I either should of been Willow or I was trying to burn down a spider nest and a suspicious looking tree.

Take your pick.

I began to realize this was a bad idea, the only good side effect that probably would of happened was that I didn't need a proper fire. With a couple spider bites later, the fire ganged up on me, burning me to a crisp.


Ok! Go number 3!


Alright I gathered materials, dusk came, I learned from my mistakes, blah blah blah blah BLAH! So decided not to burn anything down now, And I came across some beefalo! A very small amount, but still! One half of me wanted to kill them, but the other half (which is normally not me) wanted to spare them, for now. I then was distracted by a pigman, oh how I missed these guys, his name was Phillip! At that time I wish I had meat. And of course there were spider nests a plenty surrounding the savanna, the very small savanna. Wait.. Pigs shouldn't turn bad if I give them one monster meat...Right? I looked back at a specific nest. And got my axe at the ready! CHARGE!!!!!..........


RIGHT! Go number 4!

Alright learned from my mistakes, you've heard it all the first time, blah blah....


It turns out my starting position made the same mistake like the first time! WHERE IS MY FLINT?!?!?! I decided to look for flint before night comes, Night came, and guess what? I was actually ok! OH WAIT! I just used all my wood to make the fire and fuel it looking back I probably should of got more wood... I crafted a torch and headed out into the night...To find another foresty area!


(Don't set it on fire,Don't set it on fire,Don't set it on fire,Don't set it on fire,Don't set it on fire,Don't set it on fire...)

BUT IT'S CHARCHOL! I need that for ultra fuel! And guess what? I set it on fire... The flames roared but thankfully I kept my distance and looked out for spiders trying to corner me. I decided to follow the fire since I didn't want to waste my torch, It turns out... HOLY ARACHNIDS BATMAN! SPIDERS! EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

The spiders and nearby pigs at the number of 3 or 2 each, started a fight! With fire surrounding me and slowly going way in another direction, I was panicking It was all happening fast! I joined the fight! Hoping to survive and get some kind of meat or spider webs! I should of kept my eye on this specific spider and the flames behind me, punching the pigs as well in the fight didn't go so well.


Rest in peace, Wilson, until next time!

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