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Feedback so far ~100 days ~10 different worlds

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Alright, I am going to get this out of the way first. I like the wetness component pretty much how it is. The only thing that needs changing in my opinion is the fact your items get wet when no rain or snow is falling (ie before or after) while the ground is still wet. It does make spring difficult to start in, but if you prioritize spiders and a werepig first, it's not so bad. I like the fact that you need two items to fully stave off the rain, as it seems there is a multitude of combinations.


Some I found that result in no wet meter:

beefalo hat + rain coat OR umbrella (got lucky found a beefalo hat early)

rain coat + rain hat OR top hat OR umbrella (maybe more I haven't tried)


Even with only one item, you have to worry about sanity more and freezing, however, there seems to be much more green mushrooms in the worlds I have played in so far, and the full moons make hunting blue mushrooms easy. I am also fairly certain flowers propogate, and a bee box early for honey treats helps too. I did feel a little silly running around in winter with my umbrella then raincoat. I hope the puffy vest repels wetness as well, but no koalefant to test it out :(


Food rotting in the crockpot is great, no more need to spam the crap out of them, but I found that jerky on the rack seems to not spoil still.


I also like the nerf on the fire and flammables (from what I can tell), as I now need to always think about where to get my next supplies. Also how you need to think about the next season and prepare before it hits. I spent winter collecting ice and built 5 Ice cubes for summer as well as 2 fling a ma jigs, so hopefully summer will be better.


Over all, it just seems like I am always busy doing something as opposed to before where I would focus on cool bases and such other than surviving.


WINTER: I think winter is fine as it is, tough to survive in and explore now more so with the heat nerf (I can only get up to about 25 -30 degrees in winter, before max out at 40 easy). Love the dead trees everywhere, and that they do not drop acorns in winter.


SPRING: Is excellent, the colour, all the creatures, and man, that busy music is ridiculously good. There is a ton of rain, but with two items there is no effect at all. I also dig the variations in rainfall and how they affect fires. Also the change in animal status is great (had to move my traps because the hole collapsed makes it much more dynamic). Also died in spring many times to rain, ce la vie.


AUTUMN: There doesn't seem to be too much going on with autumn yet. Seems to be the new summer. Just busy getting ready for winter.


SUMMER: About to start. Made a bunch of gear and chilled amulet is pretty cheap. Will edit after.


CAVES: I haven't even ventured down yet (which I usually do by day 20) but I heard the the heatwave effect is present in the caves. If so I think this should be toned down when underground, as it is usually cooler in caves. Maybe make it colder in winter to deter people form hiding out both seasons?


CREATURES: Volt goats are pretty funny, waiting to see a big herd though. When I fought one it did not seem to aggro the other one. If so, I think this should be changed so their brethren seek vengeance. The buzzards I find are in the air most of the time, I sometimes see them on the ground but not sure why. Maybe having them seek out rot and other items instead of just meat on the ground would have them come down more? I love the moles, as I don't seem to have the problem I hear about where there are tons of them, usually 4 max in an area. Good sound, and animation, as well as function (stealing stone based items).


The combination of everything I really like as well. Pigs near merms, hound mounds near beehives, etc are all fun to come across.


The two biomes are great as well. They both feel like what they are supposed to be. Tumbleweeds are way OP but that's been said, as well as acorns. The tumbleweeds movement and look is good though. The new trees are gorgeous, I love planting a ton all together, but stupid pigs eat the acorns while helping chop :grin:


Thanks for reading, I will add more with more time.


TLDR: Don't starve is awesome, RoG is great, just needs some tweaks, and I want more.

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SUMMER: Quite the challenge I will admit, but that was mostly based on resources and food rotting. Staying cool was not a problem thanks to a giant ice cube, and the sewing kit seems to repair %95 - %100, so it was pretty easy. Chilled amulet runs out so fast it is only worth it for specific circumstances ( ie mining at night).


I would suggest a portable way to put out fires, but didn`t try the ice staff to see if that worked. For things like pig houses and such it would be helpful to be able to put them out on the spot.


All in all I like the increased rot of food, withering of plants, and smouldering of all the different objects. I lost a good amount of stuff in my base from fire, but i don`t think that will be a problem after another winter to prepare.


Also found a huge group of buzzards, so they do reproduce, and I think beefalos reproduce faster as well, both pluses.


So after a year in game, I feel like it is pretty well balanced. Ground wetness needs a tweak, and maybe a couple more items to deal with fire, but so far so good.

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