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The new Volt Goats in Reign of Giants have the bad habit of attacking you when struck by lightning. But I feel something is missing: Most goats in fiction have a bad habit of eating, well, everything.


I say let's combine these two factors: Volt Goats, when struck by lightning, won't attack you at all. Instead, they would rush to a place where there's items lying on the ground. And then the magic happens: Your items are eaten.

If the goat eats something made of Nightmare Fuel, it transforms into a Beardgoat and will try to kill you. With massively buffed stats.


Just throwing this out there because it makes sense to me and it'll make the game more difficult. Which, of course, is a good thing.


Sadly no Nepal though.

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Ya, I was really disappointed I couldn't seem to feed anything to them.  I had gold, berries, carrots, and even a doodad.  Plus the standard bric-a-brac.  I was REALLY hoping something awesome would happen if I fed him a doodad.  I'm only a little into my first RoG world so far, but so far I've seen exactly one beefalo, and I'm really wishing there was another source of poo (besides pigs.  I hate micromanaging pigs)

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