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Giant Hunter

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He had no idea how long he had been running. After the first mile everything had begun to look like a blur. The dark pines cast obscure shadows across his face and the damp earthy ground. The moon was high up, higher than usual. The roar from behind startled him so badly that he fell, landing upon his pack that was barley strapped to his back. On impact, the pack sprang open, dumping its contents on the earthy soil. The runner began to rummage in his pack as if his life was depending on its contents, which in all honesty was not far from the truth. As a dark looming shadow appeared over his left shoulder, the runner grasped the object he had been searching for. Pivoting quickly, he raised the short staff and prepared himself for the beast. The abomination thrust its piney arm forward , but the runner was too quick. The runner dodged another onslaught of attacks and then striked back. Purple beams of pure darkness emmitted from the staff and encloaked the beast. When the light had faded, all that was left of the runner's follower was a dead pine tree.

The Boss would not be happy, that much was sure. Tree gaurds that size ussually never wandered that close to civilization. He would have to file yet another report in the morning detailing the death of the giant, but that was the easy part. He would have to explain to the Boss why he had not have been able to maim it sooner, and the Boss hated excuses.

Wilson knew that he had a long day of work

ahead of him.


I hope you enjoyed my story. This was based off the movie "Troll hunter", and I decided to throw in a few of my own ideas as well. Please leave feedback if you think of anyways to make it better.

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