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Character mod enabled, not showing up in character selection..


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Yesterday, i installed a few character mods and all of them worked fine. I log in today to continue playing but my character was invisible. So i went to make a new game and none of the mod characters are showing up in character selection screen. The mods are enabled under the mod menu, soo i have no idea whats wrong.


My Log.txt is completely blank...I need some help figureing this out.

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Hey there. We pushed a small patch in preparation for the upcoming DLC. Apparently it has caused some issues with character mods for some people. We are working on a fix. Sorry about that. 

Hello, I also have an issue with my mod. I have created a translation mod for Don't Starve to Spanish. Now, I have a problem with the latest update today. Some spanish symbols and letters such as accents and Ñ doesn't appear in the game. Also, the game closes unexpectedly when you press the play botton. No error message is displayed. That did not happen before the latest update today on Steam. 


Could you please take a look? I would really appreciate it.




Thank you so much.

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Unicode support was added in this update, and we suspect that it may be related to this crash have helped cause some issues with some text characters not showing up. But can you confirm that the game is crashing without other mods installed as well?


If you only have just the language mod enabled, it still crashes?


We have reproduced the issue, and we are investigating. 


UPDATE: Now fixed-- http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/31849-dont-starve-update-notes-feb-26-2014/#entry419646

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