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[Character Mod] The Signless | Homestuck (1.0)

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Have you ever wanted to play as an extremely minor character from Homestuck with no canon lines and maybe like three or four pages total in the whole thousands-of-pages-long comic? WELL NOW YOU CAN.






This is the Signless. He's an Alternian troll used to surviving in a rough world, but is himself a pacifist. He can't hit very hard but he's fast and able to run away from most confrontation -- in exchange, his stomach empties faster because he's burning so much energy.


However, he's got a limited amount of patience, and when pushed too far (at 25% sanity) he snaps and becomes the much angrier and more cynical Sufferer. In Sufferer mode he has an altered build, entirely different (and heavily censored) speech, a higher damage mult but a much slower speed -- he's both fueled and weighed down by righteous anger and the problems of the world.


Currently the mod features:

--> Custom art assets (select portrait, save portrait, big portrait, two character builds)

--> Custom voice sound files (pipe organ)

--> Two custom speech files


Things in production:

--> Custom items and weapons, both craftable and non

--> Custom minimap icon

--> The other two Vantas trolls (Karkat and Kankri), though these probably won't happen any time soon


Known bugs:

--> For some reason, when standing still and viewed from the back while wearing a hat, the no-hat hair clips back in. This is really minor and just an aesthetic thing so I'm probably not going to worry too much about it right now.


Version History:



Things to consider for the next update:

--> The mod plays alright for me and others who have tested it (I'm at day 40 and counting on my most recent run). But I did have the idea of changing Sufferer mode to include no change in speed, but an extremely increased rate of hunger loss (being so angry takes a lot of energy!). I may test this version and report back.


Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie. All art belongs to me.









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Welp, while mods are down, I did some work on the art assets for the other two Vantas trolls. This mod will eventually move from just being the Signless to being a Vantas 3-pack!


Kankri -- Is mostly the work of a good friend of mine, Tricks. I'm doing all of the art so she's graciously allowing me to include him in the 3-pack. He cannot equip armor, but his sweater gives him some protection against being hurt and also against the cold (so, great for winter!). He's a picky eater, and also has about half a custom speech file done.



Karkat -- all me. Will have a custom, unbreakable, uncraftable weapon -- the Homes Smell Ya Later Sickle, which will need to be abbreviated to something a little shorter, probably. He'll be the slowest and strongest of the three.


I am also going to include a new refinable! 4 rot will now give you 1 sopor slime, which can increase your sanity or be used to make other sanity-increasing items (still in discussion -- we're considering a sopor roll, which requires a straw roll, 4 sopor, 4 silk and give a huge sanity boost for less hunger than the tent would take. Of course, it's only one use).


Aaand Signless's unique starting item is in the works, too. It'll be the Sufferist Pendant, worn as an amulet. It regens sanity a very small amount when moving and a larger amount when standing still (still working out how to code this, any advice would be lovely), about the same as the top hat. It's also unbreakable and uncraftable.


SO THERE YOU GO, mods being down can't get me down.

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Sorry about that. Updates will probably be infrequent or not at all since this is really something I'm doing on my own time and for my own enjoyment, and with ROG being a thing I need to make a massive overhaul for it's a lot more work than I really want to deal with right now.




Considering that it was stolen and posted on the Steam workshop without my permission and without credit, I've removed the mod from the site entirely for the forseeable future. I'm really sorry to those of you that were enjoying it.

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Do you think you will ever put it back up? I completely respect your reasons for taking it down, but as a fellow Homestuck the mod sounded like a dream come true, and I'm sad that I never got to play with it. Regardless, I admire the effort that you've put into the mod, especially with your decision to have it Vantas-centered. There are never enough Vantases in the world. Have a nice day!!

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This is perfect, if only more Homestuck related things will be implemented in the future, It'd be perfect for the survival aspect of it, now it may be hard, but I suggest some sort of implementation of godtiers or something of the sort. 

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Dude, you should add it to the Workshop Steam! Just because it would be right. I respect your work, but to download a pirated version of this mod for one with ******* GORGEOUS sufferer I do not want. So please, add it to the Workshop Steam. Thanks in advance.

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