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  1. Summons

    ok it says in my mod crashed
  2. Wesna The Lost Student

    ok when I start character creation and when im about to choose Wesna the game crashes the mod doesnt say crash when i look at the wesna mod it just crashes when Im gonna pick her at the character creation or character choose is there a mod that I should not activate . . . like a conflicting mod perhaps?
  3. Wulfe's books

    help when i look at the mod it says crash wulfe is a great chaacter and i lobe her but i cant use her books (
  4. It would be nice to have an objective, like saving charlie perhaps? if you play as maxwell and friends . . . just wondering if you got something instore for charlie.
  5. Compromising Survival

    Rev. 100880 WIN32_STEAM RoG client it says crash on the mod help
  6. Fish Farm

    I cant find fish farm DLC
  7. Friendly Slurper

    can you makethe mod for RoG
  8. Character - Pyramid head

    Any word from updates?
  9. Beatrice

    If Beatrice cant enter caves can someone tell if there is a way to change character in game is there a mod for it . . . newbie here :3 . . . and i love surprises cant wait what Beatrice looks like