Things I would like to see in the ruins.

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I do love visiting the ruins, but there are some things I think could make them feel a bit... I forgot the word - but let's just say some things I would like to see.


In the Stuff Of Nightmares trailer, Wilson drops his torch and then the floor lights up, actually providing light and preventing Charlie. Why not in-game? I would love it if the glowing floors actually, y'know, glowed? 


If I repaired an Ancient Pseudoscience Station, I think it would be smashing if any nearby chess monsters would see it, and become an ally to say "thank you for restoring that!".


If the houses in the residential district (or whatever you call it) looked more like houses: Chairs and tables together like a dining area, carpeting, etc.


If there were plants like dead trees or flowers in the wilderness.



Anyone have anything else they would like to see in the ruins?

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It gone. Forever xD


I've been down there once, died in the first 2 minutes and never went back. I'd like some protection from the nightmare cycles because snively ol' me is a wimp, and would far prefer to stand in the shade/shadow of a tree/object that offers some form of protection during it's worst lol

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Also in the trailer, we saw the floor shoot up and sort of become a bunch of pillars and stuff. That would be cool, though I don't know how they would implement it.

What'dya mean? I didn't see the that in the trailer. If you mean the in-game bits, all that's in the game. Otherwise, I don't see what you mean.

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