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Reign of Giants spring teaser PUZZLE


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I'm back, and what do I see?! A new teaser with a little morse code at the end!!!

And it seems that no one has started a thread for it so far. So, I guess I could just do that myself. :D


It seems that the code includes 4 letters, like in a bit.ly link.

Me and my bf got something like ... -- ... . (smse), or .... -- ... . (hmse), or something like that. But the code comes so fast that we might be completely wrong. None of the combinations we tried worked after all... ^^"

So, I'm asking for a little help here. And for those who are not familiar with the morse code yet, I'm offering a little guide: 



A  .-

B -...
C -.-. 
D -.. 
E . 
F ..-. 
G --. 
H .... 
I .. 
J .--- 
K -.- 
L .-.. 
M -- 
N -. 
O --- 
P .--. 
Q --.- 
R .-. 
S ... 
T - 
U ..- 
V ...- 
W .--  
X -..- 
Y -.--  
Z --.. 

Also, if this should be in the General Disgussion instead, feel free to move it. I wasn't completely sure, so I'm sorry if I got the subforum wrong.. ^^"

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Actually, there has already been about 3 threads about it.  There's nothing to be found.


Okay, thank you for informing me!

I was surprised that I couldn't find any, but I was probably just blind and missed them all somehow... >_<


Well, I'm sure there is morse code in this one, but it could just be another hint, or only a part of something bigger that is revealed later..

Anyway, I found one of those threads now:  http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/31574-spring-trailer-puzzles-of-mooses-gooses/

All the new people should go and comment there instead of here, they made it first after all. ;)

Those people who got "5th" or "4th" or some other number (I'm not sure which one is right) are probably on the right track, and we'll know more after the 5th of march, or after the 5th teaser - if there is one. (seems that Klei made a "double teaser" with this code..! xD )


Oh, and I also tried to write "fifth" and "fourth"  as a bit.ly link, and that doesn't work. xP

However, when I tried typing "IITTIE" as a bit.ly link, I found something interesting, but it probably has nothing to do with this..

Anyway, if you want to comment, go to the thread mentioned above. Feel free to lock this thread. ^^

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