Colored signs

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Have you guys thought about allowing players to color the signs for easier map marking?


It would be nice if we could color the signs with, say, mushrooms or vegetables (dye) to give them a distinctive hue on the map. 

  • Sign + berries = red sign
  • Sign + blue mushroom = blue sign
  • Sign + corn = yellow sign

and so on. 

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Instead of colored signs just introduce paint


1xStone + 3xFlower Petals + 3xMushroom caps = paint


Players could then paint signs picking a color and then possibly add a label to the sign

The label would be limited characters and would only show up if the sign was inspected. But the color would be visible on the map.

Even without a label, players could indicate various things with just the colors.


Colors would be be limited to eight choices:

White, Black, Red (FF0000), Green (00FF00) Blue (0000FF), Yellow (FFFF00), Violet (FF00FF), and Cyan (00FFFF)

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