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So as many as you don't know, I have a DS instagram account where I post DS related pictures to promote DS. Would I be considered a unnoficial advertiser, or just a very obssesive fan?

(To my credit, I helped advertise chester, and I am followed by corey Rollins.)

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Well, "obsessive fans" can be "unofficial advertisers" too.

And being an obsessive fan is not necessarily a bad thing (hey, I consider myself an obsessive fan too..!) :D

Besides, I found Don't Starve because some obsessive fans were "spamming" their art galleries full of DS fanart and writing stuff about it.

So, as long as you follow the rules, like source the images (If you are talking about fanart made by other artists, it's probably best to ask for their permission before adding their works anywhere. Most artists are fine with it, if you ask first, and give proper credit.), it's a good thing. ^w^

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