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James' adventures of adventure.


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   As a young lad, James and Wilson P. Higgsbury loved science. Every single second of free time was spent on science, such as finding a cure to cancer, or inventing new machines. But James did not contribute that much to the fabulous word of science. He was more interested in reading and drawing. He made A's in all of his subjects, while Wilson made A's only in science and math. One day, James met with a horrible incident. His brother had vanished off the face of Earth. This left James heartbroken. He would never be the same again.

  One rainy day, while in the park, he was greeted by a strange man. "Say pal," the man said. "You seem quite depressed. Everything all right?" James gave the man a glare. "What do you care? Mind your own beeswax!" James responded with a growl. "You know, I can get your brother back, James." the man told him.

"What? How did you-" James was cut off. "James, let's just say your brother and I have met in the past." the man said with a sly smile.

"Yes, I want my brother back. Can you help?" he pleaded. "Sure...." The man snapped his fingers, then James passed out.

  Many people did not notice James, because he was not seen at the park. He vanished off the face of the Earth. Like his brother, he was never seen again.

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NOTE: I have not written a story in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, so don't expect the best thing since my creepypastas.

                                                                       CHAPTER I



     James was falling into a black abyss that never seemed to end.The pit of despair, as he called it, since it appeared in all of his dreams after his brother's dissapearence. But his dream was then interrupted by two shadowy, slender hands. The hands grabbed his hands and feet and tightened as he struggled to break free. But the odd thing was, it didn't feel like a dream. It felt too real. Then everything went black.

   And he awoke.

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                                                                CHAPTER II


   James woke abruptly in the middle of a grassy field. Confused by his "dream," he did not realize until much later that the man had promised the return of his brother. Yet here he was, alone and hungry. "That lying scoundrel!" he said. "I'll tear out his brain and donate it to science when I find him!" James got himself up and headed off.

   He pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and began drawing a map. Everything he saw, he drew a symbol for. His brain finally had enough time to register that is was beginning to become sunset and worked quickly. He plucked some grass, food, sticks and logs and settled in a forest, far from creatures.

  Or so he thought.

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                                                                             CHAPTER III

                                                                             A Hissy Fit

    James was relaxing by the fire, as happy as a clam.He was munching on a carrot when he heard footsteps that sounded like the noise when you move your tongue quickly on your pallet. "Hello?" he asked. "Wilson, is that you?" The dark shadowy figure emerged from the spiders, and James stared in fear. "Sp-sp-sp-sp-." It hissed.


   He quickly pulled out his ax and swang at the creature. Spider blood and guts went everywhere as he chopped the dreaded creature into tiny little pieces.

  Then James passed out.

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