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My Discoveries - Detailed analysis of Don't Starve (on-going)

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Welcome! I'm new to this community, and Don't Starve as well, so I hope you guys give me a warm welcome :)

Now, I've been noticing things here and there about Don't Starve in my amazing 3 hours of game-play (yeah, I know, quite a lot), and I decided I should make a thread of this for those people who don't know this. I forgot most of the things, but I have here my first thing to tell you guys about, which will be my starting point. be sure to check in regularly to see new things I've discovered/strategy's of survival I wish to share. If you wish to put in your two-bits of what you're discovered, simply post below and I'll add it in after verifying.


General Killing:

It appears that most Hostile creatures have an attacking animation which allows you to hit them right after it (as they recover themselves). Just repeat this process: run, let them catch up, dodge the attack and hit them.


Hostile Tallbird (with it's egg):


- Defined as a "mother" in my view.

- It will attack you if you go within a certain radius of the egg, but otherwise leaves you alone.

- If you take the egg, it will chase you endlessly until an unknown time. It appears the time may be indefinite, and dropping the egg doesn’t help. Perhaps place the egg back in the nest?

- Once night comes, it'll cover and protect its egg. If attacked in this state, it'll revert back to its "mother" status and fight you until you move far enough away. If you attack it at night, and move far enough away for it to stop attacking you, it’ll become “lost” as such and retreat into itself at whatever position it was at.

Stealing the egg:

To steal the egg, I believe you should wait until nightfall, hit it with your torch to lead it away and go around it to take the egg. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, go near the bird again. Go in the opposite direction, otherwise it’ll sense you hold the egg and chase after you endlessly. This is not such a good thing at night (it’s how I died).

Killing the bird:

Same as general killing.

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