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  1. What Flash said is not just the opinion of the people, you should really dfo some background research before making a suggestion. The creators of the game themselves had specifically stated that they purposely put no tutorial in the game, since they wanted people to figure out things as they go. Of course, they can't stop wiki's, but most of us hardcorers refuse to use them anyway. Real men find out about dangerous things by dying. A lot. Goddamit I should have used a wiki. Anyways, no tutorials. Ever. Nuuuup.
  2. Story mode to be implemented. I would give you a link, but my lazy streaks activated and I'm sure a goldy will be able to do it for me.
  3. Supposedly you need more then 10 characters to post. --- /swag
  4. This isn't about realism guys, this is about presenting a horrific world full of torment to your doorsteps. This could be something incorporated into your "sanity" meter as such. Say the more insane you are, the longer the nights and the shorter the days until being fully insane makes it always night. So it'd add another feature and reason to maintaining your sanity,
  5. Anyone else think the map needs some nerfing? It just makes everything so easy, being able to identify everything in your world when you just started off. What if, instead of having it magically be there for some reason when you wake up, you are able to "make" the map. This makes it a lot harder in the beginning, since you need to go off your memory when in search of things. Suggestions on the map: - make it out of paper, ink and some "magical" item that makes it draw itself. Ink can be from the tentacles or something, and the magical item from the graves - Make it so that after so much exploration, you need more ink for the map to continue to draw itself - If you die, the map resets itself, since it'll have some sort of connection with your mind? (this'll nerf dem effigy's so hard)
  6. To me, all it does is complicate a world that really needs no further development in that region. It is the mixture of setting up a base, whilst exploring and trying to stay alive that makes this game so enjoyable. You have no idea how many times I've set up an establishment, only to die while out hunting for a resource I need.
  7. shhh, I haven't even made it to day 20 (mainly cause I suck at getting meat effigy's). I'd survive as long as you can, there's more then the third character to unlock.
  8. clicked on a rock, got face slammed by a tallbird. Literally. .... Ohk, ignoring my sad story, a couple of things. First, the maps are a lot smaller and all the islands are connected now. That's cool and everything BUT I had one beehive. One goddamn beehive. ONE. I was exploring that entire place searching for another >.< this. is. not. fair. I want my beehives back >: (
  9. OHHH, I GET IT! It's like santa, stealing from little kiddies everywhere.
  10. G-G-G-GODDAMIT GUYS >.< I haven't even been able to play yet, and here all you are going "it's awesome" "I love this update". ...
  11. I have completed said challenge! I lvoe these challenge ideas, and want to try and complete all of them. I guess I'm kinda like the official challenge accepter! So gimme challenges. --- Map completion: 100% (and I mean everything) Total Days: 10 Total Beard Hairs: 3 Yes, I did beat you, since you only completed like 95% in 10 days. HA! I will post screenshots and video later, cause its like 60 GB and I gotta move it to-anyways, you'll see it tomorrow. --- A couple of suggestions to the challenge (also, don't put a time limit on it :3): - Once you attain 100% completion, shave off your beard hair and that'll mark you in for your category of greatness. For example: Perfect Beard (1 hair): Username - x amount of days Rough Beard (3 hair): "" Disgusting Beard (9 hairs): "" - Lemme wear a Top Hat (jeezus, I wanted it so bad). Make that also a dynamic to the challenge, so challenges will be further categorized into those who made a top hat and those who didn't (15 silk is pretty hard to get) EDIT: Actually, I've been noticing some generic things that are in both our worlds, things that must be the same across worlds. First off, there are 9 islands of various sizes, there's two pig places with one being the pig king area, and only 3-5 beehives spawn in a world. These things are just regular occurrences, whether they're meant to be or not. And yes, I want this challenge to be limited to the first playable character. It's more of a competition that way.