Starving birds?

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I was playing today and yesterday after a few break for a few days and as I place down my normal everyday trap I notice something strange. When I bait the normal trap with seeds birds fly into them. This just makes me wonder what is the point making the bird trap at all if the normal trap being baited with seeds causes them to fly into it and be trapped. Also it seems odd that I'm getting so much normal uncooked meat from a bird. Getting the feathers I understanding but when I think a bird I think a tiny amount of meat on them considering there birds and not rabbits or something larger.

I don't know if its intentional that a normal trap baited with seeds is just as effective too capture birds as doing it with a separate bird trap, but I thought it should be mentioned. As well as fixing it to where if birds do drop meat after collecting them beyond just for their feathers why not make it smaller chunks that give very little food meter replenishment or requires catching multiple birds to combine together as kinda of a side bonus and making it extra worth our whiles to catch birds for more then just feathers. Maybe something reasonable like 4 pieces of bird meat can then be turned into a large meat or if cooked in the pot with some other bird items like, gobbler leg, tall-bird egg and some seeds some special recipe.

As I said I don't know if this was intentional since I've read the patch notes and didn't see anything really say that normal traps can now lure and catch birds. If it is it seems silly to have bird traps at all and that still give you large pieces of meat like you'd get from a rabbit.

I hope to get a response Soon to know if this was helpful information or not. Otherwise I bloody love the game and currently on day 25 with a few boxes my first meat effigy and a nice bee box.

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I actually saw one or two people saying that the trap thing is intentional, yet, I have to see a confirmation by the devs for this, and as long as that is not the case, I guess it's just a bug that you can use normal traps to catch birds.

about the meat thing though, if you compare the size of the "rabbits" and the birds in don't starve, they are pretty much the same, and so it does make completely sense that you get an equal amount of meat from them. I am not sure if you ever saw a cooked, "whole" rabbit, but they usually don't have a lot of meat on them aswell, so as long as you have birds and rabbits of equal size, the amount of meat should be kinda similar too. if the birds were to be smaller, that would be another thing though.

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Alright It's good know its just not a random unknown bug no one talked about and such. When you talk about the rabbits and birds comparison it does make more sense in the sizes of meat you gain. Thanks for letting me know I'm not just seeing a crazy bug and its something being introduced in its own way.

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