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William Mod stuff here!




Get it here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/364-william-j-danninghar/

Or from the Steam workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=191575745



I've decided to make a permanent topic for all news, questions, needing help, etc.


All the robots will now require different parts in the upcoming update!

Mechanical What-Not: 3 Gold nuggets, 4 gears, 12 cut grass.

Used to make all non-elemental robots (hint hint). If you don't get why the cut grass, read this: http://williamjdanningha.deviantart.com/journal/Self-sustaining-animal-powered-machines-417085804. It should explain it.


Haunted Clokworks: 5 Gears, 4 Nightmare Fuel, 14 Cut Grass.

Used to make all elemental robots. (again, hint hint)


Bulter: Mechanical What-not, Butler Shell(Thinking of recipe), seeds. And then a rabbit to activate it.

Brute: Mechanical What-not, Brute Shell(Thinking of Recipe), seeds.

Reaper: Haunted Clockworks, Reaper Shell(Thinking of recipe), seeds.


Currently unnamed gun that summons Terror Claws!


Gun deals low damage, has very high range, and summons a stationary Terror Claw to assist in combat!

Drains 5 sanity per shot.






Deals high damage

Lasts 9 seconds

Can't move




                   William holding it             |               William in full fire set


Poll has ended. Here are the results:


Extra damage vs. burning targets - 10%


Extra damage vs. burning targets with a tiny chance to ignite - 10%


Decent chance to ignite with high base damage - 40%


Donuts - 40%



The stats I have decided to use:


+ 60 base damage (a bit weaker than the Dark Sword). If the target is burnable, it deals 70 damage


+Has a chance to ignite the target


- William moves a bit slower when holding it


-Slow swing speed


Recipe: Heavy Golden Blades(have their own recipe that I'm coming up with), a few Gears, Fire Staff.



What do you think of these stats?


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This is kinda unrelated, but, just a suggestion - maybe make the helmet a bit smaller?  It looks enormous compared to Williams body, even by Don't Starve proportions.


Anyways, that sword looks awesome.  Great job!  As for the poll, I think that it should ignite targets - it's already got a neat flamethrower thing going on it.  I'm definitely downloading this!

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This is kinda unrelated, but, just a suggestion - maybe make the helmet a bit smaller?  It looks enormous compared to Williams body, even by Don't Starve proportions.

It's actually not that big compared to his head. Any smaller and his head would be sticking out from beneath it. I could make it so when he's wearing it his head disappears, but equipping a different hat without unequipping it causes...this.



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First off: I voted for donuts because I think neither of the othe options are really great.

Sword igniting things is great but additional high damage is a bit over the top I think. The fire will do some damage and also the mobs will panick which makes it really good to ignite them.

And the sword damaging bruning things more doesn't really make sense to me. It's fire, why would fire do more damage to fire?

So I would rather go for an average damage and igniting sword. But then again this could turn out to be to weak depending on the cost, since I don't know where bronze blades come from.


Regarding your problem with the ingredient image: Wherever you specify the recipe it looks probably like this

Recipe( "firesword", {Ingredient("bronze", 2), Ingredient("marble", 4) }, RECIPETABS.MAGIC, {MAGIC = 2})

Do this instead

local bronze = Ingredient( "bronze", 2)bronze.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/bronze.xml"Recipe( "spelltome", {bronze, Ingredient("marble", 4) }, RECIPETABS.MAGIC, {MAGIC = 2})
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local bronze = Ingredient( "bronze", 2)

bronze.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/bronze.xml"

Recipe( "spelltome", {bronze, Ingredient("marble", 4) }, RECIPETABS.MAGIC, {MAGIC = 2})




Thank you for the help! And I probably will make it just ignite enemies.


The "heavy bronze blades" will be items you craft (still thinking of what the recipe should be) and then craft into the sword. All the base stats are still being done but so far I have: +70 damage (2 more than the Dark Sword), + low chance to ignite target, -VERY slow attack speed, -slows movement speed.


I'm also thinking about making it drain hunger faster when out - or take a small amount of hunger when he attacks something. William *is* an old man who hasn't spent much of his life jogging or doing any exercise of any kind. and this is a big, heavy weapon.

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Where am I supposed to get all these gears?


Gears are rare and valuable. Why would I ever spend them on a weapon or a mining pick when I can spend flint or gold for the same purpose while those are plentyfull or even renewable?

William can craft gears.

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no se si sepas español pero que tal que los robots funcionen también con carbón  y un rayo digamos 

I do not know spanish and my google translator just says:

"not know if you do spanish but gro mf asdpf sidfnfsdf oerwonie"



Good job, Google!

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I'm having a problem here .. i have the steam version and i got the mod of the workshop .. and when i start the game i am greeted with the following:



The following mod(s) have caused a failure: William

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Don't Starve/mods/William/modmain.lua:11:variable "TECH" is not declared.


please help i want to play this mod like .. yesterday

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