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  1. Rope used to be my main source of fuel for the fire pit a few months ago. It lasted longer than the pieces grass it was made from and I always ended up overstocked on grass anyway and picking grass was easier and safer than cutting wood.
  2. I like this idea. It's not like it's a balance issue since their uses are mostly decorative. I see no harm at all in them respawning so I don't see any reason to oppose it.
  3. Birdcage OP

    So how about if monster meat and food that is stale and below gives a rotten egg instead then.
  4. Birdcage OP

    Maybe monster meat should just give a rotten egg right away that then can't be cooked.Monster lasagne was introduced so people don't easily purify monster meat in the crock pot. An instant rotten egg would be on the same path.
  5. Birdcage OP

    I declared the birdcage OP like 4 patches ago when all it did was turn one vegetable into 2-3 seeds. The result was infinite dragon pies which was way beyond over powered.I haven't built one since and it seems to have gotten worse.
  6. Change Wickerbottom's model

    Plus She's on rule 34 already so that must mean something.
  7. Change Wickerbottom's model

    I'm not so sure of that. Her introduction picture looks old yes but in game she looks like... 35 maybe. Not a bad age. Aged like a fine wine.
  8. Change Wickerbottom's model

    Still that's a sexy avatar pick of her. Good start Just make her face the bedpost.
  9. Same here. I did make a mining helmet once just so I could chop wood during the night but the night is like 60 seconds long so what's the point?And in the winter where nights are longer you just freeze if you try the same trick.
  10. EXTREME sandbox mode

    Hey look at that. DJ ****** bag wants to be a youtube celebrity. How many subs do you need before they start paying you?
  11. Wood is actually easier to gather than twigs and grass.
  12. I like this idea, a weapon at 10-20% or especially armour and bee-hat at low percentages are useless.So I have to toss them and then they just lay around forever so I run into them 50 days later or I have to make a junkpile near my base.If not this then I'd at least like some device that lets me burn any type of item for heat and light or that processes them into junk bricks that can then be used as firewood.
  13. Too many recipies give less hunger than the raw materials.In my experience it's good for meatballs, honey nuggets honey ham and taffy.Half its purpose seems to be sanitizing monster meat into honey nuggets or meatballs.
  14. Rock Golem

    Oh yeah that's much better. The ****ing furniture is alive in this game. Reality has been punctured.
  15. Rock Golem

    When I read the title I thought you where talking about some player made construct. I made a recipe in my head. Like made out of large amounts of rocks and then a red gem as the heart and then you would have a somewhat powerful companion that followed you around until it was killed.