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  1. Plus She's on rule 34 already so that must mean something.
  2. I'm not so sure of that. Her introduction picture looks old yes but in game she looks like... 35 maybe. Not a bad age. Aged like a fine wine.
  3. Still that's a sexy avatar pick of her. Good start Just make her face the bedpost.
  4. I like this idea, a weapon at 10-20% or especially armour and bee-hat at low percentages are useless.So I have to toss them and then they just lay around forever so I run into them 50 days later or I have to make a junkpile near my base.If not this then I'd at least like some device that lets me burn any type of item for heat and light or that processes them into junk bricks that can then be used as firewood.
  5. Too many recipies give less hunger than the raw materials.In my experience it's good for meatballs, honey nuggets honey ham and taffy.Half its purpose seems to be sanitizing monster meat into honey nuggets or meatballs.
  6. 50 days of winter. you can't even do prepare work for that. Even your best foods will have expired 4 times over in that time. All the food in the world or no food at all makes no difference. You have to be 100% winter sustainable when the snow falls.50 days or a thousand days of winter are the same. There's nothing to do in the summer because the winters are so long that you can't depend on the summer.
  7. and dead to dogs + shadow-raptor + other shadow monster.probably just as well. Standard winters feel quick and weak but 50 days of winter after 10 days of newbie preparing feels a bit extreme too.
  8. Is that a standard or a long winter? I had 12 days of summer and so far 23 days of winter.
  9. I was in luck. I was attacked by a pack of dogs last night. I cooked and ate the dogs. This should buy me a few more days. It took its toll on the sanity. I am nuttier than squirrel poop but alive.
  10. Seriously I went into this winter with like 8 carrots, 14 berries and a bird trap. I'm on winter day 18. Out of everything and not long left to live. I'm bat**** insane, doing Benny Hill around the campfire all night long.I sacrificed 160 Health to get reeds from the swamp for a blowdart.My life hangs on one blow dart. That the bird it hits drops a morcel and not another feather. If it drops a feather, I'm dead.