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Problem with the console.


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Hello, few days ago I wanted to try out some of the console commands, but none of them work.I can open the console, i wrote in RunScript("consolecommands") then when i want to reveal the map i write minimap = TheSim:FindFirstEntityWithTag("minimap") its okay until this, but when i write minimap.MiniMap:ShowArea(0,0,0, 10000) it says ''attempt to call nil value'' and nothing happens.If i write in any of the commands it says this.

Could someone help me?

Here is a photo too.

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Didn't I wrote the same thing? the problem its not with the command right now.. none of them work.

The one in your pic is wrong. you put space instead of a comma before "10000" and wrote "Minimap" instead of "MiniMap"


I type in this exact line all the time and it works.

Mine's shorter.

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