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Playing DS - Pacifism style?

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I might make a video series on it, I dunno.

The restrictions, for anyone who doesn't know, in any pacifism mode of mostly any game that allows it is that you can't attack any attackable NPCs whatsoever, meaning a HUGE disadvantage in this game as you can't camp one spot anymore, you rely upon berries and everything else to do the work for you. If I do it, I'm discounting Spider Dens, seeing as they don't actually deal any damage whatsoever.

EDIT - With regards to my previous thread about a playthrough with restrictions, once I got to day 20+ I started to actually find it... fairly easy, surprisingly.

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You can use trap for bunnies so you dont need to farm berries so much

I'm debating whether to trap or not seeing as it's still killing an attackable NPC, just in a less non violent way.

Definitely going to have to brainstorm about this!

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What about Optimus pine?

Gonna have to just save up my acorns for him then bury tons of them when he comes after me. Before I do that though, I may have to test trying to kill some Beefalo with him in tow... who knows, it may work - I don't know if you've tried it or not, though.

I'm going to allow NPCs killing other NPCs purely for the fact that it's not the player trying to skilfully kite a bunch of NPCs while hitting one of them at a time.

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