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I dont know why, but when i took the eggs from the tallbirds, they chased me ALOT, after being tired of chasing me they decided to go back, but my map have those merged circles, and they got stuck on the division of them with the sea trying to get back to their nests. So i thought, why not try to attack them or get them agro at me and then run? Well i had that idea a few days later and when i got back they were gone! And their nests remain empty until today.

Any idea what happened?

P.S.: Im sorry if i dont have the best english, but i try. ;)

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i`m from spain man and its gona be on twitch and if i do it i`m gona post the link here tomorow and i`m thinking at about 6 pm spain time

if youre in america its gona be about 6 hours and above behind me and if youre towards australia then its gona be 6 hours and above in front of me but you just check this post and the list of posts i`m gona set it there :D and thank you man

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