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Help. how to enable MOD!


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i didnot buy this game from steam i just download this game.

everytime i go to the MOD section of this game a pop-up with a text "steam" is always there, how can i fix this? i can;t enable a MOD help me, is there a way to force enable a MOD?

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Well, for starters, please buy the game when you can. Klei entertainment has worked really hard on it, and I'd love to see them continue making games. I'm sure you would as well! Pirating makes Klei a sad panda.




Now, because I'm nice, and your situation is none of my business, you can force mods to load on all versions of the game by editing the modsettings.lua in the mods/ folder of the game. You don't have to open up the mods menu that way.

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