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Don't Starve Themepack [4 Windows 7]


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If I think it over,yeah guys/girls.Yep it's wasn't a nice thing to remove watermarks & signatures but! What you can find on the google,I don't think that's really copyrighted.It's better when I keep this pack to myself. But I don't understand You.Why bad is that when somebody garther and make a theme from those pics what he find on the google. If somebody really want ,just going to the pics and download them.Hm...I don't know.I collected them and removed the big watermarks (you can't see the image from the signature)

And yeah,I still don't understand why call you this stealing. If you want just need to right click on same thing at the google pics.

Anyways. This collecting was fair with mods but unfair with pics? Doesn't matter for a simple try ^^ I just uploaded my theme. If You don't like,I don't wanna be the black sheep again. So you are right,I wad fool. For a try it's nothing and sorry for it. But I learned from the case. Just only upload 100% original content and anyways you need to make the owners name visible. This was my last time. Thanks Miss the warning,I'm your really big fan :D And of course you Guys.Afterwards I only will upload & share my own content!

See You soon

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