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Destiny's Reflection [Story]

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Hey, it looks good! There's only one detail I'm going to be nit picky about.


She thought upon this offer for a moment. Her instincts told her yes, but a small voice from her head told her no.

"Yes," she blurted out, without thinking.

She thought for a moment. but then she spoke without thinking. Sorry, its just that this detail bothered me. Other than that, it looks good!


Edit: We can add OC's? Waw, hold on a second, let me choose which one...

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Oops. I meant that she thought about it, but never gave it a second look when her instincts spoke for her.

Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up.


As for an OC... This one is pretty new, and kind of unpolished at the moment. If there's any problems or you simply can't accept him, then that's fine.


Name: Claudius

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is clad in fairly heavy armor, covering his entire body but his face. He has simple brown eyes, and he is fairly tall and bulky. He carries a broadsword wherever he goes. (Posted a picture of him on my art (?) thread, if you want I can move it over here. Warning, it's quality is low.)

Personality: Kind, Brave, Humble, Medieval timed (as in he says old English words and phrases and things.)

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This should probably come in handy for when deciding what Claudius would say in certain situations, and fill you in on his backstory. It helped me clear up what I had in mind for him, too.

The clash of swords rung through the hall. Claudius urged to run into battle, to combat the invaders, but it was too risky. If someone managed to get past him, King David would most likely be dead. He was a feeble old man. But honored by the entire kingdom. And Claudius had felt honored his whole life to have the task of the king's top guard. Claudius was so highly esteemed among the people that blacksmiths traveled from all over the land to forge a blade: Shadow's Bane. It had been made specially for him, and he had it by his side for years. The clashing of swords drew closer until the final guard fell, it was Claudius alone. Leading the siege was Shatter, the master of the soulless. Claudius's dead allies could be seen among the enemy ranks, their souls stolen and their only purpose to serve. But Claudius would not falter. He stood before the king, brandishing Shadow's Bane, and charged in. Shatter simply laughed, and an eerie click was heard through the throne room. A huge strand of shadows was launched at Claudius, and the next thing he knew, he woke up in a wild, unrecognizable area.

Claudius looked around, slightly panicked. Where had Shatter put him? Where was the king? However, despite his experience with the land, Claudius simply could not find where he was. He was in a dense forest, trees blocking his view. He had learned to be as nimble as possible with his bulky armor, but it was still very clumsy in the dense trees. However, Claudius didn't even consider taking it off, doing so would put him at risk. He trekked through the forest, determined to find out his location, when he saw a peculiar looking beast. He stopped to watch, noticing the hound had seen him. However, out of the hound's back was a very curious sight. Flaming wings. Claudius watched as the hound did some sort of dance, possibly a ritual of some sort. He shook his head, trekking onwards. If he was to find King David and ensure his safety, he needed to find his location as quickly as possible.
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Oh yes, and for story purposes, I need a few OCs. If you'd like your OC in the story, here's a form.







Name:James P. Higgsbury



Appearence: Wilson's hair, Silk clothing, monacle, pale

Personality: Kind, dapper

Race: Human

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