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Something I wrote a long time ago

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I was poking around while clearing my desktop and i found something interesting...

I once had an idea for an update entitled "Up, Up and away" this was probably before the current idea.

Keep in mind this was writen up in one day while suffering form sleep deprivation.


I'm really just putting this up so if anyone wants to pull information for ideas out of it they can, personally I think the shadow boss fights would be good in a large mod project.


If you are going to bash this, that's okay just don't be to harsh on me.


Edit: Fixed link | https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxJM6xxR2Ix3dkdZOF9ScjZ3bTg&usp=sharing

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Very detailed. Not bad at all. Now you just have to learn Lua!

I've tried and failed I'm good at writing strings but I just plain suck at LUA even though I understand virtually everything about how computers work I just can't do it.


If someone wants to make this I'll help them and if they can teach me LUA I can work directly with them (I have too much free time and if I knew how to do this id have fun with it)

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