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Don't Starve Secret Santa

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HELLO FRIENDS ON THE FORUMS!! We're having some fun on tumblr and we figured we should post this here so that everyone gets the chance to join! Don't worry! If you don't have a tumblr you can still participate! Here's all the info you gotta know~



Welcome to Don't Santa! (or Don't {let anyone know you're their} Santa!!)
A Don't Starve community project brought to you by both me Deerlet and the lovely Waltermun! Anyway, this project speaks for itself, it's a secret santa!!

Come check out our tumblr page and visit the FAQ to find out how exactly how this is going to work! But here's the gist of it:

If you want to be a part of this gift giving fun all you have to do is submit a form to our submissions box! There are two forms! One for actual physical mailing gifts and another for art trades (in case you just wanna art!).

The deadline is November 22nd! After that, we will close the submissions box and no one else will be able to join the secret santa! A few days after that… we will send out addresses/emails/urls to the lucky participants!! AND THEN It'LL BE FUN FROM THERE *v*

There's definitely a few worries I'm sure you have, but I implore you to check out the faq for all of that!!

In the meantime! Don't Starve!




I'll post the FAQ here too so you don't have to travel all over the internet B)


Here’s a quick run down of the whats, ifs, whys and hows.


How do I join?

Just submit this form!

  2. Name: Santa Claus
  3. Postal Address: 123 Candy Cane Lane, North Pole MI, 12345 USA
  4. Tumblr url: officialsecretsanta
  5. Age/gender: (optional)
  6. Up to 3 interests for gift ideas: stripes, giraffes, anything homemade

Is this safe?

Like with any online interaction, there are some dangers to be aware of. However, the information you provide to this service is only viewed by the admins of this blog and the Secret Santa to whom you are assigned. Also bear in mind that other Santa-eager users have applied, all of which are just as wary as you :-)

I don’t really want to give or receive a mailed package! Can I just do an art trade or something?

WELL SURE! Just submit this form instead:

  1. Name: Santa Claus
  2. Email Address: candylane@northpole.com
  3. Tumblr url: dontsanta
  4. general guidelines for what sort of art you want in return: MY OC, wendy hanging out with wolfgang (try and keep nsfw or shipping requests to a minimum! or have other options available)

What’s the spending limit for mailed gifts?

There is a $20 spending limit. Feel free to be creative! DIY gifts can be amazing and inexpensive :-)  

I live in [insert country]! Can I still sign up?

Of course! Many of our participants are from all over the world, and we will be doing our best to pair up users with other bloggers from the same country. This can help avoid hefty shipping costs and any complications when sending items across borders. however there is also the art trade option if you want to do that!

What happens when I submit my information? 

We will send a confirmation message to let you know we have received your info. If you do not get a message back within 24hrs, please resubmit your info!

How will I know what to get my giftee?

Last year we asked you to include your gender. This year we’re asking you to include a couple of interests/ideas in order to help your secret santa. This gives you an idea of what to look for, and also avoids the limiting of what to buy. Please keep in mind no one should expect certain gifts just because they ask for them. Also, many of our participants have their anon option enabled. Feel free to drop them a line and build anticipation for their gift! :-)

How will my giftee find out who I am?

We encourage you to attach your name and tumblr url to your gift when you send it! You can also wait until Christmas and submit your info their to ask box if you prefer.

Oh no! I forgot to include [this interesting piece of information]!

Alright! Just let us know and we’ll delete your previous info. Just make certain to include the ENTIRETY of your previous submission: your name, your home address, your tumblr url, and anything else you’d like for your Secret Santa to know.

When will you send out the addresses/emails/urls?

We will be accepting participants until Nov.22nd at which time we will close down the ask/submit box. Please allow us one week to organize the info and send it out. You will receive your giftee’s information no later than December 1st. At that time, we will reopen the ask box for any questions or concerns. Please make sure to send out your gifts by Dec.13th to guarantee delivery by Christmas if you are mailling!

What if my Secret Santa doesn’t get me a gift?

Unfortunately, we have no way to guarantee they will. We can only hope that our participants understand that by signing up, they are asked that they also get a gift for a user as they will likely receive a gift in return.

I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to do this!

We’re sorry to hear that and we will miss you! Perhaps another time.

For any questions that were not address here - or if you’d simply like some further reassurance - feel free to drop them in our ask box.
Thanks for participating!
Your Secret Santa Crew <3

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