More survival and science, less magic!

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Hey everyone! >:)

I just thought I shared my opinion, on why I haven't played Don't Starve in months.


All these new cave updates came with lots of new magic items, mobs, etc. Like seriously.. the game's name is "Don't Starve". ಠ_ಠ (So you know... I thought this would be more of a survival game, rather than another World of Warcraft?)

Everything was fantastic until all of this happened.. amulets, staffs.. How does that even work?? I mean you just stick some red rock onto a stick and you can create fire..LITERALLY What is this nonsense? Nobody remembers the times when you had to rub sticks together to make fire? No? well... ****.


Also, just stop with the caves already D: The caves are so boring.. Nearly nobody ever sets their foot there unless they need resources..


I'm pretty sure Klei probaly won't do anything about this, so yeah...


I hope this thread was worth it :/


ps. honey doesn't spoil

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