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Testing Tools Mod [N Tools]


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I got tired of entering in console command to test mod features so I made this small mod to help me out. I figured I would upload it so it might help others as well.


N Tools


N Tools adds clickable buttons to the HUD for testing utility.


Main Button

  • A button that shows/hides the other buttons.

Time Jump

  • Moves the time of day/night one step.

Time Jump +

  • Move you forward five days time.

Start/Stop Precip

  • Starts or stops rain and snow.

Go Invincible/Vulnerable

  • Toggles invincibility.

Go Insane/Sane

  • Sets sanity to zero or full.


  • This button allows you to dig through the game variables and sort them by variable type as well as looking at each tables children. All of this in a visual UI.


  • This button allows you to grant items to your character for easier testing.
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May I suggest adding a screenshot of the in game menu to the workshop and forum download page.  It's pretty cool and worth showing off :-).

Well I thought about it but honestly all it is is a bunch of buttons it doesn't really look cool per say in fact the the most impressive bit is the dynamic dig function that IMO is awesome but again all it is is buttons visually and quite hard to show visually :(

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