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Small Modding Problem

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Okay guys, I am really close to finishing this project. But theres one problem:

For some reason, the big portrait at the character selection screen isnt working properly. 

Could someone take a quick look and tell me how to fix it?

Download Link for Mod: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p3li76dq1kw3bhd/Spawn+Character+Works+Test.zip


It would help if you describe how its not working properly as when I observe it it is fine although it does seem to be bigger than what you might have intended but it is there and working.


If its not showing on your screen it could be because you used  DXT5 pixel format which apparently can cause issues I usually use ARGB which so far has worked perfectly for me.

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Just to add to what Nycidian said. There seem to also be graphics cards that can't display any coverted *.tex files while in the menu. For example mine. Now there's one bigportrait that works and it's from the Link mod, but that one has nothing special, so yeah. Either you're unlucky or Nycidians tip will work.

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I believe whichever export option you used removed the excess whitespace. It's no problem though. Just adjust your bigportraits Spn.xml file: 

<Element name="Spn.tex" u1="0.0" u2="1.0" v1="0.0" v2="1.0" />

u1 and v1 specify the starting edge, and u2 and v2 specify the enclosing edge. A 0.0 in u1 and v1, and a 1.0 in u2 and v2 means to use the whole image. Think of it as a fraction or percentage, if that makes more sense. If you'd like to crop your image at runtime, you can adjust those values. 

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