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Caves only game - possible?


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Hey, everyone.


After reading about the 40 day challenge, I was thinking about some other interesting challenges one could make with the presets. An idea I just had is a caves-only game: start default plus (so you have some stuff to start you off), then setting EVERYTHING except cave entrances to "None" so that there are no resources on the surface (or as few as possible, at any rate - there'll be a bit of grass & twigs near the metal potato thing) and you're forced to spelunk in order to survive. I'll also set it to "Long Winter" and have lots of rain/no lighting in order to make the upper world as inhospitable as possible and further compel a player to go underground.


My question is - do you think it's possible? Thinking about it, it seems like the big problem would be that you can't get any living logs (no treeguards underground), which is obviously bad for trying to make any magic items. Also grass and twigs would be hard to acquire.


This aside, though, what do you think? Is it doable for any length of time?

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It just felt like you were being kind of curt with your replies, that's all. If that wasn't your intention, I'm sorry.


As for the thread necro - I see your point. I'm sorry; it was an honest mistake.

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