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Are we being watched?

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I've seen an instance of this two times during two different plays. I don't know what it was because I could never find the culprit no matter how much I ran around. The first instance was when I had gone back to my first island for some berry pickin and grass farmin with my pig pal. Who mind you always stayed very close to me while 'we' worked.

In the upper right corner of the screen after I had picked up some grass tufts there were a pair of shoes with some legs attached to 'em... Silly as this sounds, I meant it wasn't a pigman cause there were shoes... to stick with the theme of the game, they looked rather dapper :p I was like O.O ooo! So I chased after them and they ran away, disappeared off the screen and I couldn't tell which way they ran. What even alerted me to the presence of these mysterious shoes to begin with was the sound of grass being crunched underfoot. At the time, my pigman and I were standing still so ...

I've asked my friends who're enjoying the game as well if they've ever had such an incident and they've said they've seen it before as well. Something that was in the corner of their screens, which ran away from them after they started to chase after it. The second time this happened to me was during another play where I was farmin up in the woods for some pinecones and lumber.

The first occasion was during the day, the second was in the middle of 'dusk' or the orange cycle of the day. Arguably I had been playing for a few hours during the second incident so I might have been sleepy :p but the first time I swears I saw shoes! :$

I don't know if it was Maxwell who was spyin on us or what, cause I'm not crazy I swearz! but either way I think it'd make things even more interesting ^^;

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