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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Health wont regen Steps to reproduce I dont entirely know how this happened. Playing on the test map though Describe your issue I'm playing as the strong man, decided to live on the edge and camped in a place surrounded by spiders. My nights are now quite entertaining.. Well one night I bit off much more than I could chew.. had about 5 health when it was all said and done. Now I'm eating my cooked meats (from ze pigmens) my cooked berries and so forth.. my hp goes up after eating said food but then immediately decreases again. So i'm sitting at 5 hp eat somethin that brings me up to 11 then immediately it goes 'zing' right back to 5 :/ I'm playing on a map generated by the new 'test build', running around with my rugby (football) helmet and a backpack.. I have a full stomach and nothing I eat regens my health.
  2. While I understand the point of the thread - it's not a particularly good idea to go and tell the world outright that you do such illegal activities. I'm totally against the DRM types of games out there - just creates too much grief for those of us who have the game legally. I support the idea of rewarding those that purchased the game etc... but as far as your stated reason for pirating... There's a demo of don't starve out there in chrome that lasts 15 minutes. Considering you said you purchased said game after 10 - You could have gone that route and still posted a thread on your thoughts about the 'protection/piracy' issue.
  3. I've seen an instance of this two times during two different plays. I don't know what it was because I could never find the culprit no matter how much I ran around. The first instance was when I had gone back to my first island for some berry pickin and grass farmin with my pig pal. Who mind you always stayed very close to me while 'we' worked. In the upper right corner of the screen after I had picked up some grass tufts there were a pair of shoes with some legs attached to 'em... Silly as this sounds, I meant it wasn't a pigman cause there were shoes... to stick with the theme of the game, they looked rather dapper I was like O.O ooo! So I chased after them and they ran away, disappeared off the screen and I couldn't tell which way they ran. What even alerted me to the presence of these mysterious shoes to begin with was the sound of grass being crunched underfoot. At the time, my pigman and I were standing still so ... I've asked my friends who're enjoying the game as well if they've ever had such an incident and they've said they've seen it before as well. Something that was in the corner of their screens, which ran away from them after they started to chase after it. The second time this happened to me was during another play where I was farmin up in the woods for some pinecones and lumber. The first occasion was during the day, the second was in the middle of 'dusk' or the orange cycle of the day. Arguably I had been playing for a few hours during the second incident so I might have been sleepy but the first time I swears I saw shoes! :$ I don't know if it was Maxwell who was spyin on us or what, cause I'm not crazy I swearz! but either way I think it'd make things even more interesting ^^;
  4. I know there are ample suggestions for new beasties for the game, but I just wanted to throw mine into the pot. No I'm not asking for it, I'm simply wondering what the majority think about the idea. There's been talk of new biomes sometime in the future - yay if we get 'em, no harm no foul if we don't. I don't know how many people have seen Little Shop of Horrors, but it popped into my head earlier today when I was hacking away at a tree. Now I know we already have the Tree Guards if we get too greedy, but what if we had some sort of meat eating plant? It could be a simple venus flytrap but for me the artwork feels like it would fit better if we had a plant not unlike "Mean Green Mother". I keep seeing this plant resting out in a swampy like area, head tilted up and Wilson's just walking on by then he decides to stop and investigate. For Science!! -cough- Anywho, ultimately it's just another resource that'll attack you but there it is. Now I hadn't thought too far into what it could drop, I was mostly - like I said - just curious on what the general thoughts were.
  5. Nov 30 Hotfix

    Liking these changes, though maybe 20 uses is a bit much for the grass? 10-15 perhaps? Quick question about the pigs though. The notes say 3 days to respawn but is this only counting pig houses the player built? Because I just started a new game this morning and I moved next to a pig village (which I tend to do). Anywho - these pigs are respawning the next day. I run over to the village, kill 'em then run off to do my business elsewhere. Go home, wait out the night cooking or whatnot, come back to the pig village the next day and there they are again. I haven't tested the update with houses I've built as I have two pig villages and there's no need for me to make my own. I'll give it a try later this evening though and report back with ze findings.
  6. Nov 29 Hot fix!

    I don't know if this is already implemented or not, but perhaps changing growth rate for all plantables (grass, berries, saplings - Heck maybe even trees's? ) based on where you plant them as well. Plains should be flat and pretty sparse of tree's, but I've collected a great number of pinecones and made a little forest right there on the beefalo plains. Again it goes back to the nomads and the turtlers. With poo so close and my berry bushes I really don't have much of a need to go out and do much save when I get the gumption to monster hunt. (also have a pig village right next to me, mmm meat!) Kinda rambled on with the point, but yeah...
  7. Stupid map is stupid :<

    I'm not sure if this has any relevance or not, but I have ye to encounter any beefalo on my islands. My latest map is actually very similar to this one, though the spiders were only in the swamp 'biome' everything else was peaceful. Even my pigs had their own private little paradise. I encountered tallbirds only 1x and that was several maps ago. Can anyone tell me if the spawn (generation) of some creatures (beefalo, tallbirds) is random or fixed perhaps? Thank you.
  8. Welp in my haste I herp derped. is the link to my profile for the keytrade.