the good the bad and the... well not ugly

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the good -

really like the new silhouette objects in the item creation menu, and overall the UI is much more improved since i played last. Things like the split health and hunger meters, the day/night/twilight clock colour coding really make it easier to plan and prioritize your next move.

the bad -

-I think the days are still too short for me to viably pursue making items that don't directly help me to survive ( food and fire ) i found i'm too worried that the dark will set in too Soon and that i'll starve so all i manage to gather during the day is fire and food, leaving not much time for any exploration, though this will probably get easier with game experience.

- I did not notice when my axe broke (no animation/sound ) so i didn't know what happened to it at first.

the ugly - (unfinished)

the fire looks a little hurtin' i guess its just temp at the moment. though the geneeral look of the world is much better ( though still dark in the daytime )

but overall it was a fun 20 minutes, it went by really fast ... until the spiders ate me

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  • Developer

Thanks for the feedback, sloth!I've nudges the day length up a bit for the next build. Each full cycle currently takes 4 minutes, and I'm moving it up to 5. We'll see how that goes.The daylight lighting is actually just about to get a lot brighter. You should be able to see it in the next build.

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  • Developer

Was the issue that the fire wasn't coloured? As you said, it is unfinished, we've been going through a few colour correction passes but things will be settling down shortly.I'll go poke our artists a bit and shake that out :)

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