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  1. Hey SchlauFuchs, It looks like you ran into a bug that has caused the astronaut in the rocket to become dissociated/invalid and when we try to pop him out the game crashes. I've manually re-associated him to fix the issue as I'm not sure exactly how he got into that state but we've been working in that area and will hopefully iron out more of the bugs going forward. For now, a fixed version of your saved game has been attached, if you do figure out a flow that causes the issue to happen consistently please let us know! Astronaut-Stresstest-Camp.sav
  2. Just to double check, the version of Unity we're currently using now outputs the DMP files to: C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\Klei\Oxygen Not Included\Crashes Is there anything there? Hopefully there are some folders there and if you find the most recent one with a crash.dmp file inside of it, posting that file might give us a clue as to what's going on. If your windows system is set up differently you can try using this path in the explorer bar instead: %HOME%\AppData\Local\Temp\Klei\Oxygen Not Included\Crashes
  3. Hmm, if the crash is happening without generating a DMP file then I'm unsure what could be causing it. Would you mind doing a file find in your AppData directory for *.dmp files at all and see if there's anything? I doubt there are ONI related crashes given they aren't in the expected location but it's worth a shot.
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble reproducing the crash with the save files but it's probably a crash inside the DLL for some reason. Could you check for the most recent *.DMP file located in one of the sub-folders of: %HOME%\AppData\Local\Temp\Klei\Oxygen Not Included\Crashes It will probably be named crash.dmp
  5. I think this is fixed now and you should see it when the next update after this message gets pushed out. Thanks for reporting it narrowing down the repro case!
  6. This should be fixed in the next patch. Thanks for reporting it.
  7. Ore now transfers heat with the ground at a lower rate than before but whether it is in a vacuum or not no longer has an effect. This should be a lot more consistent. Might not make today's patch if one goes out. Thanks for reporting the scenario in such detail!
  8. The problem was with the pipes and should be fixed. Thanks for reporting this!
  9. Hello! When I load the save file and go to the section of the base shown the water seems to flow normally. I've attached a video to show what I see. Are you seeing something different? 2018-10-10_10-39-29.mp4
  10. Water consumption should be fixed. Thanks for the bug report!
  11. Thanks for the bug report, should be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  12. Changed Status to Known Issue Hello! I think I've fixed this issue so it won't crash and it'll tell you why it's having troubles for the next patch. In the interim you might be able to work around the issue by going to ~\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded and deleting the entire mods sub-folder.
  13. Hi LTLking, I wish it was more obvious but on the priorities screen a wrench is equal to two up arrows. If you hover the each of them you'll see that they are both called "Very High Priority". The difference between the two is that one is automatically changed in the Jobs screen if you have the Auto-Prioritize box checked. If this box is checked then if you change someone to be a miner, their priority for Digging will be "Very High". If you then change that person to be a Cook the previous Digging job will go back to whatever priority it was previously and now Cooking will be Very High. Hope that helps clarify things a little.
  14. Changed Status to Known Issue Should be fixed in tomorrow's patch but the bug will require you to reconnect the wires after you save/load. Things should continue to work after that. Thanks for the reporting the issue!