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New Update made the game too easy!

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I've already posted this post on the propper "Birds, Bees and Dogs. Oh My!" update thread, but I would like to devote a single thread to this discussion.

Here is what I wrote over there:

"Guys, I gotta say, this new update made things waaay too easy. I love the new features, but with some luck you can get a big cemitery and get over 600 points. That means you wil probably be able to unblock a load of previously expensive features.

What I'm saying is: Please, devs, get back to old research prices. 500 for Lux Axe is expensive, but that's the point! It should'nt be easy to get! Specially Alchemy Station. That should be 500 or 1k research points. It's supposed to be difficult. With this new prices I cleared ALL recipes in 10h of gameplay.

Reply to me if you think the game is at the moment too easy with this new prices."

Yeah. Research recipes got waaay too nerfed. What you guys think?

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Agreed, also needing to hoard lots of research points to research things is tedious in my opinion. It does not feel natural so the lower costs are a small patch on the wound for now. The new system should be a lot more natural in that you no longer collect points.

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