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Bees hiding in their hive all day?

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I made a new world for the new patch, and everything has been going normal, except that there are no bees flying about. There are hives, so far I've found three, but the bees never leave their hive. I haven't attacked them, as I have not yet finished a beekeeper hat, but I would like to be able to catch them or fight them. Is this part of an included feature, or is it likely a bug?

EDIT: I tried to take on a few more spiders than I could handle without my armor on, and didn't pay enough attention to my health, so I cannot access the world referred to. Playing on the world again, the bees seem to be flying about just fine.

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Yeah, I experienced that when I traveled to the Beehives on my map only to find no bees searching for nectar.

But when I hit the Beehive I think it woke them up from whatever slumber that had bestowed on them. After that everything seemed fine, after I mad my own Beehives they were straight away active and so it might be a bug.

Best to submit it as a bug.

And you don't need a Beekeeper helmet to farm bees, just the know how to catch them.

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