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  1. Rope seems to be the most effective item right now. Three grass means a good day trip through a natural prairie can net you weeks worth of rope (and plenty of manure too, if you're by a beefalo herd)
  2. I've always found tallbirds to be a great alternative to catching a running critter. (Especially now that their drops are likely to fall off the shore). They're quite aggressive, but never take the drops (where the sea often takes half of them)
  3. I reproduced the bug once more, so it seems to be rather common. Image. - - - Updated - - - I reproduced the bug once more, so it seems to be rather common. Image.
  4. Krampus also hisses when you kill butterflies. What is it like to fight him? - - - Updated - - - Krampus also hisses when you kill butterflies. What is it like to fight him?
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Items sliding out of bounds Steps to reproduce 1. Chase a Gobbler to the water's edge 2. Kill said Gobbler 3. With luck, glitch is reproduced Describe your issue I was chasing down a Gobbler, and when he died the morsel slid off the edge of the map and over the water. Version number unknown, though I believe I was playing the first release version of the 12 11 12, Naughty and Nice update. (Don't Starve had a small update after I closed it in search of a version number.) Screenshot from just after the incident.
  6. Has happened to me as well. Rather amusing, actually.
  7. You have the option to harvest the birdcage, but that only retrieves your bird. Also, you can't catch birds with regular traps anymore, you need bird traps.
  8. I made a new world for the new patch, and everything has been going normal, except that there are no bees flying about. There are hives, so far I've found three, but the bees never leave their hive. I haven't attacked them, as I have not yet finished a beekeeper hat, but I would like to be able to catch them or fight them. Is this part of an included feature, or is it likely a bug? EDIT: I tried to take on a few more spiders than I could handle without my armor on, and didn't pay enough attention to my health, so I cannot access the world referred to. Playing on the world again, the bees seem to be flying about just fine.
  9. Has happened to me. Probably just need to make it so clicking where it's red doesn't issue the command to walk there, just does nothing.
  10. I still got a campfire to spread to trees, just had to put them as close together as possible.
  11. My first attack was around the 6th night, and about once a week from thereon. Just forces you to keep a log suit on you in case of a wolf attack, but if you have a log suit and a spear it's not a big problem. The biggest threat normal hounds pose once you have proper fighting gear is if you don't get a fire ready for the night in time to fight them.
  12. I only had to plant 4 to make him try to plant himself in the ground, I believe it's just a chance to make him go to sleep. Anyway, once he's back in the ground, it's easy just to burn him dead.
  13. Regular traps baited with seeds work just fine for catching birds, and I can confirm that it will always be a crow on a bridge, or almost always a crow. I've also never seen a redbird in a quarry/stone biome, so that's another good place to catch crows in.
  14. I just got attacked by two hounds at night on day six, halfway through getting a fire ready for the night. What I've figured out is that when they pause to attack, you can stop running and try to attack them to get one hit in before you have to keep running, sort of like with beefalo but a bit easier.
  15. The thing is, you don't need flint to start fires as of right now. I've been out of flint multiple times, but all I need to start a fire is enough wood, grass, and/or sticks.