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Giveaway + hello


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Ello everyone,

I bought the game yesterday, and just signed up for the forums

Since i don't know anyone to give the second code to, I figured i'd give it away :)

To win you have to name atleast 1 player of Manchester United

I'll pick a winner at random :D

Hope to see all of you around the forums ;)

p.s I wasn't sure to post this in general or in the trade section


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Not clear
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Wayne Rooney Eric Cantona, Ryan giggs, George best, bobby charlton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Roy Keane

Or do you mean only the people on the wallpaper?

Ryan Giggs, paul scholes, wayne rooney

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Hey, i randomly generated a number from 1-10 and the number was .... 7,

which means the winner is : Chocolate Tree

gratz : D il be sending you the code via a pm :)

Thx everyone for entering, hope to see all of you around ;)

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