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  1. Ahhh don't know why i didn't see that XD And thank you
  2. Wait what? Holland is a region in the netherlands but it's the same country lol Although alot people say holland when they mean the netherlands
  3. Hey, i randomly generated a number from 1-10 and the number was .... 7, which means the winner is : Chocolate Tree gratz : D il be sending you the code via a pm Thx everyone for entering, hope to see all of you around
  4. Nicely done I also like the Treeguard one the most
  5. Ello everyone, I bought the game yesterday, and just signed up for the forums Since i don't know anyone to give the second code to, I figured i'd give it away To win you have to name atleast 1 player of Manchester United I'll pick a winner at random Hope to see all of you around the forums p.s I wasn't sure to post this in general or in the trade section