Suggestion: Tall Bird Eggs

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We all know how good Tallbird eggs are, I keep a couple in a chest in case I'm ever low on health.

But when you collect them, Tallbirds don't stop following you or at least for a long time. I feel like I have to kill them which then means more eggs won't spawn. I think that the eggs should hatch over a period of time so you never run out of tallbirds to provide the eggs.

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I've never seen a tallbird up close since I'm still waiting on my full version (I play demo, me and a friend are buying full together (cause you get 2 copies)) but in videos they do look annoying when they follow you, they should definitely lose interest even just like a while away from their nest.

& It would be awesome if eggs would hatch... I don't know if they do already :p

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ive found you just need to keep running and they go back to the nest, im not sure if its distance or just the sun going down but they WILL eventualy stop..ivenever had to kill one....mainly because im too scaredto try so i just run

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