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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Tree graphics bug, black boxes Steps to reproduce Just wandering around, using the map quite frequently. Describe your issue I had this graphic bug today, I browsed through the forum but haven't seen anyone else post this. Basically it were several black boxes forming the rough shape of a tree. The bug was gone after I restarted the game. I'd post a screenshot but it says I don't have permission to access to 'Manage Attachments'.
  2. I assume your character was holding the torch in his hand when you tried it. You have to click on the torch so that you as the player are holding it and then click on the object you want to set on fire.
  3. Monster Meat Stew

    Being able to use that as toxic bait is a pretty good idea would be a new way to deal with hounds.
  4. Monster Meat Stew

    Yeah, that's exactly what is a problem to me. The game is just too easy right now, because starving really isn't much of a danger.
  5. I have noticed that when you make a stew using monster meat, you don't lose any health from the stew. In my opinion monster meat stew should definitely have a downside because otherwise it's an endless food supply if you have about 10 spidernests nearby.
  6. [Graphics] Lighting/fog bug

    Haha yeah, of course I only noticed that after I posted it ^^"
  7. Have you tried to soothe it with the pan flute? It works on the trees, haven't got the chance to try it with tall birds yet.
  8. [Graphics] Lighting/fog bug

    Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Heavy fog: nearly white screen Steps to reproduce I was exploring the map (also frequently using the map) when I saw I was nearing a graveyard. I saw a bit of fog coming up, but I kept walking to the grave. The fog kept getting worse and worse until I could see almost nothing but a white screen. I walked into the other direction again and then all of the sudden the fog disappeared completely and it was back to normal. I found another graveyard later, exact same thing happened again. I was playing with the blond girl, Wendy is her name, i think. I waited for dawn, restarted the game and went to both graveyards again, no fog. Describe your issue Well I pretty much wrote it all down in Steps to reproduce. I dunno if the fog is supposed to be there, but surely not as bad as I've experienced it. I tried to take screenshots but they weren't saved for some reason, so I'll try to describe it: it starts out as simple fog but the closer I got to the graveyard to worse it got, to the point where I could only see the names but not the objects. At that point I could see some stripes at the top of the screen, it looked a bit like sunbeams. Unlike when I entered the fog, there was no transition when I escaped it. It was just gone from one step to the other. It also lasted to the point where the fog still lasted out at a location where it hadn't appeared previously. I dunno if this has anything to do with all of that, but I found Mandrakes for the first time in the game near the graveyards. I found one after I had escaped the fog from the first graveyard and before I went to the second one where the fog appeared again. But I also found another one after I restarted the game with no fog appearing. Anyway, I hope what I wrote is detailed enough to help you guys