Continuous Map Generation & Science Machine alternative use.

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This has probably been posted before but on the off chance it hasn't, why don't maps generate endlessly?

It would deter people from setting up a home base because there could always be a better place to put one and it would encourage exploration for the same reason. I currently "give up" on a world once it's fully explored because in all honesty there's nothing left to do.

And another idea I had was for science machines/alchemy engines/research points. Since this mechanic is going to be changed anyway, why not have the science machine work as a transmutation device. For instance, you feed in a Gnome from a grave and you're still given the 80 research points (the name might need a change), but you can then use those research points to create something of equal value, since a twig is worth one, you could get 80 twigs (obviously that's a bit overpowered but you get the idea).

The Alchemy engine could perhaps give a better return on your investment, it's maybe twice as efficient as the science machine at transmuting resources.

EDIT: Food would have to be a one way trade though, you can feed it into the machine for points, but can't create it.

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