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Welcome to Comics 'n Friends! Here a few of us will be creating and drawing our own Don't Starve comic full of OC's and plenty of other characters!

Join us in reading and even helping make this comic!

Current comic-ing peoples : D

Ellebelly24 as Snowfall

Kooez as Azreth

WhispNcat as Whisp

Blewcheese as Shelby


Currently two spots are open for joining the creators.


1. Your name and OC's name.

2. Description of your OC or picture.

3. You've gotta be able to draw and post comic panels.

Edited by Kooez
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Yeah, doesn't work for me, either. And am I expected to draw that every comic panel?*hangs self*

No no no, not draw every one! We'll all take turns and if you can't someone can fill in!

[ATTACH=CONFIG]13367[/ATTACH]Maybe now?

Still nothin' : /

Doesn't work for me :(and also i think it might come out to big so i will just put a link unless its fine... -> http://th06.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2013/176/f/a/002___copy_by_mapletale-d6aln01.jpg

: D really cute!
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