I need JUST 1 DAY to clear this game!! -_-+

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@eowjsgka you seem to be a very close minded kind of person... I have to hand it to mobius187 for being able to stay calm and collected at such an, for want of a better word, attack at a brilliant game with a very dedicated community that's clearly very passionate about it, so I'm not surprised you've had a hard time.

But I have to insist that you take more time to enjoy the game it's not just something that will release all of its content all in one go.

So maybe you should, in future, have more patience with a game that requires it. Not to mention the fact this game is still in development as many have already iterated, so kindly give it another go and if you find you still feel the same way maybe you should look into other genres.

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I apologize for my aggressive behavior.

I adore this game and believe it has a lot of potential. I dont like people tearing down something that is still a work of progress without offering suggestions on improvement.

There is a LOT on these forums that tells us what is coming, the suggestions and give great optimism for the future of this game. I stand with the devs on this game and believe that will become something really fun and enjoyable to play.

Still there is no excuse for being so rude. On that front. I apologize.

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well, as many others have pointed out already, the game is still in development so one can hardly blame them for gradually adding content. I mean, I played Minecraft from the very beginning and I can assure you, not even half the content that's in the game now was there at the Beta. It's a given that you need to add new content at a rate that let's you determine its impact. Also, they're taking the time to collect ideas from the players on the forum, which I think is great news as it allows us to help guide the direction of the game to some degree.

Yes, I want more of everything, but we need to be patient and give them more time to provide that new content. You are free to put the game aside for a few months and then come back. I know Minecraft players who "did everything" and would stop playing for a while to give the game time to add new content. You do have some options depending on how strongly you feel about all of this.

I've played lots of flash games, and finished ones at that (no Beta flash games), and I would say Don't Starve has more complexity to it than many of them. But then that's usually a case of comparing apples and oranges. Perhaps instead of just making a demand for more content you could make some suggestions...?

Super large map? Well the maps are randomly generated, with some being larger than others. However there is a limit to the size/number of islands because Kevin himself said it was pojntless right now to increase the size of the map without adding new content. Who wants the same content copied/pasted over and over again just for the sake of more islands? I personally think that it's better to wait until they add new content and then need to spread it out... so then they could add more islands.

I'm not sure what you mean by hidden items... there are graves and ponds have fish.

Okay, I think your statement is misleading. I initially assumed you meant one game day, but I assume now you must have meant you played for several hours and found everything in a real day. Okay, well it looks like you had a lot of free time on your hands. Did you know anything about the game before you played it? I for one watched Let's Play videos on YouTube which gave me a leg-up on surviving for the first few days. For new players the learning curve can usually vary with player deaths from random reasons (starvation, darkness, spiders, beefalo, ect).

Even so I think your reaction is a little bit over-the-top.

You have a nice camp there. Have you tried playing as another character? I played Wilson initially (no option actually) and died around Day 20-30... around that. Then I unlocked Willow and Wendy, and now I'm replaying the game as Wendy. I don't play every day, preferring to play the game at a slower pace so I can avoid hitting that content wall too hard. Then again, I have past experience playing pre-release games, as I mentioned with Minecraft. You really do have to take it slow to avoid frustration. How about focusing your energies on suggesting new ideas here on the forum instead? :)

Are you asking about research points? Kevin doesn't like them and he's planning to remove them from the game in January. He plans to replace it with a system that will require us to use resources to unlock inventions. I hope he resets the invention tree at the same time... new players will be fine and older players will have the resources lying around to unlock everything we need. I assume.

Well the hounds were recently introduced as a means of ramping up the danger level for players. I know I've faced two such attacks. The first was easy (2 hounds), but the second was harder (4-5 hounds). I'm still waiting for the fire hound... which could burn down everything I hold dear. What fun! :p

Other players have suggested stronger monsters or more monsters appearing as the game progresses. I wouldn't be against this, we just need to see what Klei has planned.

Well the inventions are still being added to the game and I'm certain there will be more as time passes. On the topic of finite resources, in another thread I discussed boulders being finite and suggested maybe we needed a new biome, like a volcanic island that could erupt to spew out boulders. Of course I also suggested the island be very dangerous. feel free to search for that thread... or any of the ones where I've made similar comments as I do like repeating myself. :)

Well I don't think the game's islands will be anything like Minecraft, or simply going on for infinity. Now I know you're suggesting more islands be added as time passes, which is slightly different. There was another thread where I suggested an event that caused a new island to rise from the sea, connected to an earthquake. Of course I also suggested that maybe an older island could sink into the sea as well and everything on the island is lost after a day passes.

For me I would like there to be more islands and bridges to be removed... and replaced with boats/rafts. But everyone who has been around the forums longer than a few days has heard me say that. ;)

Anyway, I hope you'll stick with the game and post suggestions on the forum on how the game can be improved.

Very good thread and I totally agree with you there, I've played Minecraft when it was in beta and there was a load of random stuff, nowhere near what they have out now.

You just have to be patient and be open for change.

As for how boring this game gets vary's from person to person. I've played... over 48 hours already and I think this game still amuses me as much as the first time I've played it.

Eowjsgka, we're not trying to be aggressive to you, we're just a little offended by what you say and I see by your points that you're quite right there about the game.

Just try not to take it out so much on a game that's not even fully released yet.

That's all, thank you. Zachary.

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